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Get to Know Lacy Jungman, OneDay’s New VP of Strategic Development

There are a few things more thrilling for an organization than when its people share a vision and purpose. Here at OneDay, that vision and purpose is to create solutions for senior living communities that keep residents and their loved ones connected through storytelling.

Therefore, it's no coincidence that our new VP of Strategic Development, Lacy Jungman, is passionate about storytelling and its convergence with technology through OneDay's platform. So let's get to know Lacy a little better and see what she brings to our team as well as our partner communities.


A Long-Standing Connection with Senior Living

Lacy comes to OneDay with 15 years of experience in the senior living industry, not to mention a degree in business administration from The University of Nebraska. But her connection to senior living began before her career, when she volunteered at a long-term care community during her college years.

That's when she first understood just how essential family connections are for residents, families, and the ultimate success of any senior living community, a notion that has propelled her through a successful and satisfying career. In fact, that's what first drew her attention to OneDay five years ago – she recognized that OneDay videos don't just correlate to family connections, but actually create and build them. To borrow her own words:

Imagine an adult daughter sitting in her kitchen alone, questioning the decision she's about to make to move her mom to an assisted living community. How do you connect with her? An email? A phone call? Emails very rarely touch the heart, and the daughter can't replay a phone call each time she starts questioning her decision.

To bookend that quote, Lacy left a company and leaders she adored to join OneDay for a single, simple reason – she knows OneDay’s platform can make meaningful changes in the world through video storytelling. And to that daughter, what OneDay provides is uniquely priceless.


Lacy's Role with OneDay

As VP of Strategic Development, Lacy will help client success advisors create and execute growth plans through OneDay’s platform and partnerships. In other words, she's going to help organizations implement and grow their video usage, all while creating meaningful connections through carefully crafted strategies that drive higher occupancy levels.

For Lacy, OneDay represents a win-win for communities and their residents, a perfect example of technology doing what it’s supposed to – improve people's lives. For residents and families, that means using video storytelling to keep connections strong and vibrant, especially when circumstances don't allow in-person visits.

For communities, OneDay leverages those connections to help drive occupancy rates. After all, when a community keeps both residents and their loved ones happy and fulfilled, word gets around. Going forward, Lacy is going to be a critical component of that equation, helping communities use One Day to distinguish themselves and create a powerful competitive edge.

Aside from her role and responsibilities, though, Lacy is also a wonderful addition to our fast-growing OneDay team and innovative culture. Having first met our co-founder and CEO, Clint Lee, years ago, she knows how Clint's passion for our product and people runs deep, saturating everything we do here at OneDay.

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As a result, Lacy is just as excited about the team she's joining as the critical role she's fulfilling here at OneDay. And I know I speak for the entire OneDay family when I say the excitement is reciprocated, and then some. The sky's the limit in these parts, especially with people like Lacy steering us forward.

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