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The Ultimate All-In-One Personalized Video Platform

At OneDay, we are on a mission to become the leading video-based communication platform available on the market and we’re doing that by helping businesses create videos to connect with customers, increase conversion, and improve sales efficiency. 

OneDay helps customers create video messages that are authentic, engaging, and effective. Plus it's easy to use - even if you have no experience. Upload or record personalized videos in just a few clicks. Use one of our templates or customize your own to fit your brand's needs. Share videos instantly through text, email, or social media. Get insights into how your viewers are engaging with your content.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Clint Lee Co-Founder & CEO
Edmund Danyal Chief Technology Officer
Deena Naccarella Chief Financial Officer
Mike Davis Senior Vice President of Multifamily
Ryan Gray Vice President of Product
Phi Doan Vice President of Marketing
Donovan Steinberg Vice President of Customer Success
Tina Truong Director of People & Culture

The Story of OneDay

The story of OneDay began with the idea of preserving the legacies and stories of residents in senior living communities. Our Founder John Boaz, a serial entrepreneur who dedicated his career to serving seniors, asked Clint Lee, Co-founder and CEO of OneDay, to partner with him to develop the technology to capture the stories of our greatest generation. For Clint having grown up in and around his family's assisted living homes, this was an idea and mission that resonated greatly.

  • 2017

    In 2017, Clint and John developed the original OneDay for Senior Living app which contained features that would be simple and easy to use. The app prompted seniors with questions about topics such as childhood, family, and life experiences that they could share. The app also allowed the recording of high-quality videos that could be shared with family members within seconds. The founder's original vision of sharing the legacies of the residents with their families was finally coming to fruition. 
  • 2021

    By 2021, the success of OneDay in senior living communities led the founders to expand the idea of what their personalized video technology could do. Sticking with their community origins, they created a new product, Convey by OneDay, which recalibrated the same technology for seniors but applied it to multifamily communities. They recognized that Convey by OneDay could help these communities by allowing leasing professionals to connect with current, and future residents by using personalized video messages. With the new Convey by OneDay brand added to the OneDay umbrella, the founders knew this was just the beginning. 
  • 2022

    In 2022, the success of both OneDay for Senior Living and Convey by OneDay opened the possibility of expanding into more industries. OneDay's technology started to rapidly expand into being used in real estate, sales, corporate communications, entertainment, and beyond. The founders knew having separate brands for so many entities would only lead to customer confusion and brand dilution. The decision was made to encapsulate all industries under the OneDay brand umbrella. 

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