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Give corporate comms a personalized touch.

OneDay allows you to not only communicate with your workforce but allows personalized video messages within divisions that keep employees empowered and efficient.
Give corporate comms a personalized touch.

Internal communication is vital to the health of your company

Core communication is crucial to the health of your company. OneDay makes it easy to connect with your team in a personal, creative way — just click record and go!

Increase employee engagement

Create a culture where teams can collaborate and communicate more effectively using video. Video can help build stronger team dynamics, leading to greater employee engagement, retention and productivity.

  • Ensure internal communication stays open and strong 
  • Send updates to team members through text or email
  • Keep your calendar clear by replacing meetings with videos
Woman sending video to employee using OneDay mobile application
Man recording OneDay video for company announcement

Drive efficiency through your company

Implementing video into internal communication is the most effective and efficient way to ensure departments keep in sync with each other. Our platform is built for quick and easy video responses, making it a win-win for everyone.

  • Video can save an employee 6 minutes and 43 seconds a day
  • Reduce the risk of employees misinterpreting communication 
  • 48% of all employees consider video the most engaging form of communication

Personalize and track training adherence

Use videos to personalize training for your large workforce, or as an individual resource for employees. Tracking analytics on who is watching and opening these videos will help you understand who needs additional support.

  • Videos are one of the most effective ways to develop your team
  • Leverage analytics to track how impactful your training is
  • 66% of people would choose to watch a video when it comes to learning material
Personalize and track training adherence

Ready to learn more?

Request a free personalized demo with OneDay to learn how we can help your team achieve success with videos.