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Effective Video Strategies to Drive Sales Success Learn how to leverage personalized videos in your creative follow-up to increase move-ins and improve resident and family satisfaction.
3 Ways to Increase Click-Through Rate Learn three game-changing ways you can increase the click-through rate on your videos and drive conversion.
How to Maximize Your Secret Weapons Learn how you can leverage two powerful tools, video, and social media, to supercharge your strategy.
Video Quality vs. Video Message Masterclass Learn how to strike the right balance between making sure your videos look great, without losing sight of the video’s purpose.
How to Be More Confident on Camera Learn simple ways to increase your confidence and connection with others through your nonverbal cues captured on video.
How to Use Video to Attract Top Talent Learn three simple ways you can use video in your talent acquisition process and make your workplace stand out.
Building Relationships in Your Sales Process Learn how to use video throughout the sales process to build genuine relationships with potential residents and differentiate yourself.
Embracing the Agility of Small Businesses in Senior Living Learn how to embrace the opportunity for agility in senior living, regardless of your community size.
Aligning Your Sales & Marketing Efforts for Success Learn habits to avoid and strategies to enhance communication and collaboration for your sales & marketing efforts!
A Multifamily Strategy Guide for 2022 Learn the top predictions and priorities for 2022 from some of multifamily’s best and brightest leaders!
A Senior Living Strategy Guide for 2022 Learn the top predictions and priorities for 2022 from some of senior living's best and brightest leaders!
5 Ways to Lead with Empathy in Senior Living Learn five simple actions senior living leaders can use to practice empathy and carry it out in action.
4 Video Tactics You Need for Sales & Marketing Learn how to use video to differentiate your communities in an extremely crowded and competitive environment.
Streamlining Your Sales Process With Video Learn how to use video to streamline your sales process and increase conversion rates.

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