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Connecting in Times of Crisis Through Video with OneDay

Creating a solution that can help others during a time of crisis is the ultimate goal for any company. Since 2017, we have been working towards our mission of virtually connecting people through stories, which has taken on new meaning during the COVID-19 pandemic, as people all over the world aren’t able to physically connect the way we are used to.

“The need for families to connect with loved ones virtually has skyrocketed since COVID-19,” said OneDay Co-Founder and CEO, Clint Lee, in a recent interview:


Because our platform is designed specifically for helping people connect digitally, we were uniquely poised to help during COVID-19. Since March, we have seen over 100% growth and are now in more than 4,000 senior living communities. OneDay has given families and loved ones the peace of mind that their family is safe and healthy, while also giving them a glimpse into how they are thriving. While the circumstances created by the pandemic are extremely difficult, we are thankful we have been able to provide comfort to families and give them the opportunity to share important moments, memories, and milestones.

Have you ever wondered what your ancestors experienced during important historical moments? Or how your great grandparents met? Or what their best advice would be to future generations? Our prompts allow for these deeper stories to be shared and important connections to be made, something most people long for.

Our community partners have also been pleased to offer these deeply personal videos to family members, especially during a time when they can’t visit in person. They’ve told us OneDay “takes the headache” out of video and makes it easy. They are thankful for the high quality video our app produces which is sent directly to the family, something our partners may be too busy to remember to do on their own while caring for residents.

Our partners are working tirelessly to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of their residents. We’ve been inspired by the frontline staff and the incredible work they are doing. They’ve handled the pandemic with optimism and grace and we feel really lucky to support them and, more importantly, their residents. Our hope is that our platform is bringing them joy as well and allowing for further connection within the community.

Watch Now: How to Use Video to Connect with Prospects

Since March 2020, our partners and senior living residents have shared more than 100,000 personal stories with family members - we are so proud to tell these stories. We know that right now finding new, meaningful ways to connect is vital for families, and we are ready to continue helping people to do so far beyond this pandemic.

Ready to see how video can work for you?