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OneDay Helps Guide Senior Living Into a Video-Propelled Future

The senior living industry has been under an intense spotlight for most of 2020 due to this ongoing global health crisis. In many instances, the coverage has been extremely one-sided, painting the entire industry with an extremely broad brush that doesn’t do justice to the thousands of communities providing excellent, compassionate care to their residents and staff.

But communities aren’t defenseless to an unfair, often inaccurate narrative. A powerful tool like video marketing, for example, provides the transparency the industry needs to convey a critical message – seniors are still in extremely capable hands and enjoying their lives, despite what the media coverage sometimes says. In fact, OneDay spoke to Senior Housing News on the importance of video in today’s senior living landscape – and beyond – in a recent article, OneDay Business Doubles As Video Content Becomes Senior Living Essential.

OneDay Fills a Vital Need

While the article focuses on the tremendous growth OneDay has experienced in recent months, something we obviously take great pride in, what’s most important are the factors driving our dynamic growth. From an industry-wide perspective, the COVID-19 crisis exposed needs that were already growing in communities, even before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

In some cases, senior living has been slow in adopting new technologies, especially in comparison to other service industries. But expectations from residents, prospects, and families change, meaning the industry itself must change to meet those evolving needs. The pandemic eliminated the opportunity for families to maintain connections with their loved ones, at least using “traditional” methods. Thankfully, OneDay’s technology filled that vital need, as demonstrated by some powerful statistics since the onset of the coronavirus:

  • Communities using OneDay have roughly doubled since March, now surpassing 4,000
  • OneDay’s partner communities have created over 100,000 videos in that same timespan
  • OneDay’s team has expanded by 33% so far in 2020, with more growth in coming months

As discussed in the article, that’s not to say that the industry is on the verge of a tech-driven revolution, though. Many communities are still struggling to improve occupancy and, thus, revenue streams. However, given the importance of video marketing in driving both, we fully expect communities to continue prioritizing video – just as they have during the pandemic – to differentiate themselves and drive occupancy.


Growing the Right Way

It’s always nice when vision and revenue align. But what matters most to us is growing OneDay the proper way, where we continually “do right” by communities and their residents. Granted, OneDay was uniquely positioned at the onset of the pandemic to help the senior living industry with an incredibly important need – maintaining communication between families and their loved ones when social distancing made in-person visits impossible.

But it’s a fine line between filling a vital need and taking advantage of an industry when it’s struggling for answers. That’s why we focused on working with our existing partners at the beginning of the pandemic rather than extending our sales outreach. Obviously, given our explosive growth in the past few months, the power of OneDay’s solution still attracted literally thousands of new communities.

We recommend reading the article from Senior Housing News for a more in-depth discussion of OneDay’s essential role during this health crisis, along with some key best practices to take full advantage of your own video marketing efforts. Here at OneDay, we look forward to strengthening our relationships with senior communities, expanding our reach, and providing unique solutions for many years to come.


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