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Drive Occupancy and Differentiate Your Community with Video Marketing

Your sales team can tell you how competitive the senior living operating environment is right now. They can also tell you how it seems to grow more competitive by the day. Senior communities need a critical differentiator, something that will help them stand out and form strong connections with seniors and influencers. And that’s exactly what video marketing provides.


In our newest white paper, Drive Occupancy and Differentiate Your Community with Video Marketing, we examine why video is so powerful in communicating a message and establishing bonds with the audience. As you’ll see, we cover a variety of critical topics throughout the paper, both high-level and granular, including:

Download: Drive Occupancy & Differentiate Your Community

  • Metrics and statistics highlighting the importance of video
  • How to develop or rethink a strategy around video marketing
  • Results of an effective video marketing campaign
  • Tips on integrating video into a senior living messaging strategy
  • Why tools like OneDay are so much easier and more effective than previous video tools


Further, we also take you behind the curtain of a senior living community that implemented a video marketing strategy around OneDay’s platform. In the case study, we reveal critical best practices that resulted in 95% response rates to emailed video messages and a dramatic improvement in occupancy rates.


The days of the senior living industry being slow to embrace new technology are over. Communities need tools that will help them gain immediate traction to combat competition and market consolidation. But with the insights from our white paper, you’ll be prepared to meet these new challenges head-on and understand how powerful a partner OneDay can be in attracting new residents and driving revenue.


Ready to see how video can work for you?