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4 Ways to Use Video In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of voices out there, all competing for the same attention spans. Couple that notion with a historically challenging labor market and stiff competition, and you're left with ever-escalating battles for top talent and prospects.

But that's what makes an effective social media marketing strategy such a powerful asset on both fronts. And since video is an extremely potent tool in its own right, it only makes sense that merging the two can propel your recruiting and prospect messaging to new heights. To that point, I'm going to provide four simple but extremely effective ways you can use video in your social media marketing strategy to drive your entire organization forward.


1. Market Your Workplace Culture

Did you ever think you’d see a job market where compensation and benefits play second fiddle to company values and mission statements? Well, that's exactly where we are these days, making your ability to market your workplace culture essential to your recruiting success.

That's not to say, of course, that money doesn't still play a significant role in recruiting. However, particularly with younger generations of workers, the employee experience and a satisfying, healthy company culture usually sit at the top of what's most important to potential candidates.

Therefore, how well you market your culture – particularly across the more video-friendly social media platforms, be it TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, or even LinkedIn – will correlate directly with any headway you make with potential employee candidates. Thankfully, we've discussed ways you can use video to showcase your workplace culture and transform it into a distinct competitive advantage on the recruiting front.


2. Capture Employee Testimonials with Social Media Video

Employee testimonials are powerful digital marketing tools on two separate fronts. First, these types of social media videos engage possible new hires at a much deeper level than text or pictures, helping them imagine what it's like to work for your organization.

Second, when a potential customer sees how passionate and committed your employees are to their respective roles, it goes a long way in establishing a sense of trust between that customer and your organization. Obviously, trust and conversions go hand-in-hand, for customers as well as recruits.


3. Showcase Your Company’s Purpose and Mission

This point essentially combines the two previous ones, shining a spotlight on your culture through videos that focus on your company's purpose and mission. And as I said before, employee testimonials are especially effective at conveying these types of thoughts and emotions.

Further, this convergence of culture and purpose through video shows more empathy, passion, and commitment from your people and organization as a whole. Naturally, when the room for error is razor-thin in the battle for candidates and prospects, your ability to showcase the best of what you have to offer could very well be a deciding factor between lasting success and fighting to stay afloat.


4. Capture Authentic Moments During Events

The proof is in the pudding. Show, don't tell. Go big or go home. All of these old sayings should apply to your social media marketing strategy. Put another way, your target audience won't necessarily believe what you say, or at least take it to heart. However, when you show them something through video, they can't help but instantly engage with your message.

Obviously, whether for candidates, prospects, or both, capturing authentic moments during special occasions and events wields a much bigger sword than simply describing them through words. Remember, there is nothing more authentic, immersive, or engaging than video. Therefore, capturing those special moments with high-quality, short videos that touch an emotional chord is the next best thing to actually being there for a viewer.

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Of course, that's the very reason why we exist here at OneDay – to provide the insights and tools you need to create and deliver those authentic moments, the ones that set you apart from the rest and drive conversions. So don't hesitate to reach out to myself or our team for additional insights and tips on your call to action (CTA), navigating algorithms, developing brand awareness, or any other ways video can fuel your social media marketing campaigns.

Ready to see how video can work for you?