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5 Ways to Use Video in Senior Living

Much has changed in the senior living industry over the past couple of years. And while I probably don’t have to list the many challenges driving such change, the impact they’ve had on communities and how you connect with prospects and their families absolutely warrants a conversation.

That’s where the right technology is such a difference-maker, especially in the way video sales and marketing can help you form and grow those critical connections. In fact, video content is such a potent tool for your marketing strategy, I’m going to discuss five simple ways your marketers can use it to propel your entire senior living community forward.


1. Post-Tour Follow-Ups

The days immediately following a tour are when your community is top-of-mind for a prospect. Therefore, it only makes sense to keep that critical momentum going by following up in a way that will only intensifies engagement.

OneDay is the ideal platform for such follow ups because it allows you to leverage the power of video and personalize your messaging, all without creating bottlenecks in your workflow. In a few minutes, you can create a branded video that:

  • Summarizes the tour
  • Addresses any outstanding questions or concerns
  • Speaks directly to the potential resident.

That’s the type of messaging that differentiates you from the competition.


2. Virtual Tours and Amenity Sneak Peeks

Speaking of tours, your approach to community tours has probably changed over the last few years. Between the pandemic, busy schedules, and sheer distance, virtual tours now play a much more significant role in senior living sales and marketing.

Obviously, there are many different video solutions you can use for virtual tours – FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and several others – so choosing the right one really depends on your specific needs.

Also, don’t forget that personalized sneak peeks are another way to leverage these video tools, maybe giving a prospect an early look at the new community pool or putting green. Once again, these are the types of messages that your audience will remember.


3. Resident Testimonials

There are few things more important to shaping prospect opinions of your community than testimonials from current residents. In fact, according to recent research, nearly 90% of people trust online reviews and testimonials as much as personal recommendations from friends and family.

Between your website, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns, resident video testimonials pack a marketing punch that few other formats – if any – can provide to your sales and marketing efforts. Simply put, trust is essential in driving ROI metrics and move-ins, something that video testimonials are especially capable of delivering for your community.


4. Event and Day in the Life Videos for Families

When a prospect moves into your community, it’s a big change for both them and their loved ones. However, sending a video to family and friends to recap a community event or just a day in the life can go a long way in maintaining those critical family connections.

Being able to see their loved one with a smile on their face and genuinely enjoying their life in your community will help family members feel comfortable knowing they made the right choice. Plus, these types of videos often become memories that people watch over and over again.


5. Hiring and Employee Management 

Video isn’t just for communicating with prospects and families, though. It’s also an effective way to build and foster employee engagement across your community. As we’ve discussed in the past, your staff is the best-kept secret to increasing your occupancy rates, so it only makes sense to use tools that will help you continually drive satisfaction and fulfillment.

For example, rather than recognizing high performers through a boilerplate email, try creating a quick OneDay video with your Executive Director or an employee’s direct manager to recognize a team member. It’s personalized, memorable, and the sort of thing that protects your community from turnover.

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At OneDay, there’s nothing we want more than to see our partner communities thrive in every way possible. That’s why we’re going to continue providing you with our industry-best tools and insights.

Ready to see how video can work for you?