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How Using OneDay for Human Resources Can Drive Occupancy

Improving occupancy for your senior living community isn’t just about engaging prospects and their families – although that’s obviously critical to your success. As we discussed in The OneDay Flywheel to Drive Occupancy, it’s really the convergence of a few different factors that power you toward full occupancy.

HR is one of those essential factors, yet often gets overlooked in the bigger occupancy picture. However, I’m going to give Human Resources the attention it deserves by discussing how using OneDay in your HR department can help dramatically improve move-ins and occupancy rates.


Personalize an Introduction to Candidates

Most experts recommend job seekers apply for 2-3 positions per day. Obviously, after just a few weeks, those numbers can really add up. But with applicants looking at so many different positions and organizations at once, how can your community stand out from the others in a crowded, sometimes contentious recruitment process?

Sending a personalized OneDay video as an introduction to a candidate is a great way to differentiate yourself. Although it only takes a few minutes to create and send a video, it can have a lasting impact that helps you attract the top talent you need to reach your goals across every level of your community, from Executive Director down to the new hire in dining services.


Recognition, New Employees, and More

No matter the industry, people want their employers to recognize a job well done. This is another area where OneDay videos can have a dramatic impact on employee satisfaction rates and your ability to maximize retention.

Remember, senior living already has the highest turnover rates of all the service industries. Therefore, whether for a quick shout-out, an introductory video of a new hire, or a “thinking of you” message for someone dealing with challenges at home, a personalized video is far more effective than an impersonal email or card.

Simply put, employees want to feel special and important, two traits OneDay videos can help you convey. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you’ll be creating and maintaining a healthy and productive company culture along the way.


Increase Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is a valuable employee. When a team member is motivated to succeed, it helps your community provide a high quality of life that keeps residents happy and, thus, your occupancy rates high.

Unfortunately, according to recent research, only 35% of employees are engaged on average. Even worse, 51% are not engaged, meaning they’re psychologically and emotionally unattached from their employer, coworkers, and responsibilities. That doesn’t exactly sound ideal for a senior living community, right?

Thankfully, as I previously said, OneDay videos are a perfect way for your HR team to recognize employees, empathize with them, and keep your staff engaged. And since employees are largely responsible for providing that excellent quality of life your residents and their loved ones expect from you, messaging with OneDay can be instrumental in helping your community maintain occupancy.

Going back to The OneDay Flywheel to Drive Occupancy, happy staff members lead to great resident and family experiences. Those experiences, in turn, create opportunities you can leverage in your sales and marketing efforts, including resident testimonials and social media video content.

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In other words, using OneDay for your HR video needs can propel other essential components of your operations, helping you create a holistic approach to improved occupancy. And that’s a strategy that will always distinguish you from the competition.

Ready to see how video can work for you?