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5 Ways Video Can Maintain Momentum in Your Sales Pipeline

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of momentum in your sales and marketing process. When you engage and inspire a prospect on what makes your business so special and unique, it carries forward throughout the sales process, ultimately shortening your sales cycle and helping to drive conversions.

As I’m going to discuss, video can play an essential role in creating that critical momentum across every stage of your sales cycle, from discovery to conversion and beyond. Put another way, integrating OneDay’s video storytelling into each of the following critical touchpoints will distinguish your business from the competition.


Pre-Meeting and Discovery Call

Your initial touchpoint with a prospect will likely impact the entire sales cycle. Thus, it’s crucial that your first communication with a prospect coming right out of the lead generation gates will grab and maintain attention.

Put yourself in a prospect’s shoes – wouldn’t you find a personalized OneDay video more engaging than a text-based email or even phone call as your first experience with a business? Odds are, you would answer that with a resounding yes. Just as importantly, a video assigns a face to your business, humanizing your messaging in the eyes of a prospect.


Post-Meeting Follow-Up

After a meeting is another great opportunity to continue excitement and momentum with a prospect. Once again, rather than an email, you can recap the experience by addressing any pain points or goals with a personalized follow-up video speaking directly to the prospect.

This way, you can focus on anything that resonated with them, review the next steps you agreed upon during your meeting, and keep the prospect engaged and enthusiastic about those next steps. Remember, when a prospect is watching a OneDay video, they can see the excitement on your face and feel the empathy you exude. Simply put, no other content format provides these abilities.


Proposal and Estimate Walk-Through

The proposal or estimate stage of the sales process is naturally an important one where even the smallest details can be critical. And while you can provide a prospect with a boilerplate PDF that walks them through the proposal, that approach lacks a personal touch that is so important in keeping momentum.

Instead, try using video to accomplish the same thing, walking them through a quote or estimate from your sales team. In doing so, you’re not only personalizing yet another touchpoint, but also showing the prospect that your community will always go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable. 



Sometimes a touchpoint within the sales process doesn’t have a specific purpose other than maintaining communication channels with a prospect. But with 92% of customer interactions occurring by phone across all industries, is a check-in phone call from your sales team really going to distinguish your business Probably not. A check-in email is even worse, basically eliminating any semblance of a personal touch.

Rather than operating like your competitors, try using a quick OneDay video for your check-ins with prospects. Even though it only takes a few minutes to create a OneDay video, it displays a greater commitment on your part which, ultimately, fosters increased engagement with the prospect. In other words, video makes it easy to maintain or even build momentum with a simple check-in.


After Move-In

Finally, just because a prospect chooses your business doesn’t mean that your work is done. When it comes to hitting your goals, preventing turnover is just as critical as driving conversions. Therefore, you want to keep that momentum going even after your prospect converts. 

This is yet another instance where video can really shine for your team, where a simple but earnest “thank you” video can go a long way in making a prospect feel more comfortable and happy with their decision.

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As you can see, OneDay’s platform gives your team a convenient but powerful way to build momentum throughout your sales cycle, creating a potent competitive edge for your businesses messaging.

Ready to see how video can work for you?