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Why You Should Use Video in Your Senior Living Communities

Sales and marketing teams in the senior living industry need ways to differentiate their communities from the competition. Given how quickly digital tools and tactics like social media campaigns and email marketing have become popular across senior living, what might’ve been cutting-edge a few years ago is often now ordinary and commonplace.

But that’s precisely why your team should use video content in your community’s messaging – it’s the most effective tool your marketers have to engage your target market and stand out from the crowd. In fact, as I’m about to explain, a video storytelling solution like OneDay’s can convey the ideal combination of empathy, excitement, and personalization that connects with prospective residents and drives your NOI.


Video Speaks Volumes

As you’ve heard countless times before, a picture says a thousand words. And while it’s true that there’s absolutely something to be said for an engaging image, imagine what a video can say about you, your team, and your community.

Video marketing is the perfect way for your senior living marketing strategy to showcase everything that makes your community unique and a better fit for any given prospect. There is simply no match for video’s mixture of personality, enthusiasm, and authenticity, all of which shine brightly through a brief but genuine OneDay video to a potential resident and their family.


Share Your Personalities

Here’s a statistic that really highlights the power of digital messaging – 88% of people trust online testimonials as much as recommendations from their family or friends. That said, pretend you’re a prospect for a moment and imagine how critical a few resident and staff testimonials might be to your decision-making process.

Testimonials are a great way to provide windows into the people who run your community and what a day-in-the-life is like in your senior living facilities. Social influence is one of the most potent tools you can use in your sales and marketing efforts, and there’s no better way to capture that potency than through a series of short and targeted testimonial videos.


Provide Quick Updates to Staff and Families

Let’s say you just completed a big renovation on your assisted living community’s workout center, or maybe just hired a new Vice President of Operations. Either way, it’s cause for celebration that you will want to announce to your staff or resident family members.

Of course, video is the perfect medium to communicate these types of updates, keeping everyone in the communication loop while also conveying an excitement that email simply cannot capture. Just as importantly, since a OneDay video only takes a few minutes to record, edit, and distribute, you’re not adding another time-consuming task to your team’s already lengthy list of responsibilities.


Personalized Videos Connect

When a prospect moves into your community, it’s a significant life event for both your new resident as well as their loved ones. However, a personalized video of that resident to their family is a simple, fast, yet powerful way to keep families connected.

Further, sending videos at the different stages of your sales cycle is an excellent way to keep prospective residents engaged in your community and your message top-of-mind. And when it comes to your team members, can you think of a more heartfelt way to say “happy birthday” or congratulate someone on a job well done than a personalized video?

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At One Day, our sole mission is to provide your sales and marketing team with an industry-best video storytelling solution that keeps prospects, residents, employees, and partners all satisfied and connected with your community. And the best part – we’ve only just begun our mission to transform senior living sales and marketing for the better.

Ready to see how video can work for you?