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6 OneDay Videos to Make for Sales and Marketing

Your senior living community’s sales and marketing funnel doesn’t sit still. Or at least it shouldn’t. Because what might work well at the top of the funnel usually won’t drive conversion rates near the bottom. That’s why you need to vary your video marketing strategy across every stage of the funnel and buyer's journey.

This also highlights the need for a sales and marketing solution that provides flexibility without adding to already crowded workflows and task lists. But that’s why OneDay’s video marketing platform is such a powerful tool for communities, allowing you to create engaging video content for every occasion throughout the buyer's journey.


Personalized Introductions Make Better First Impressions

When a prospective resident and their loved ones are researching communities in the awareness stage of the funnel, everything can seem overwhelming. Therefore, anything you can do to bring comfort and familiarity to the process will help put their mind at ease, not to mention improve brand awareness for your community.

When a prospect first reaches out, a personalized OneDay video in response shows you're willing to go the extra mile for your prospects and residents. That personalization also immediately creates a sense of trust and familiarity, all by just addressing the viewer by their first name and speaking directly to their specific problems, questions, concerns, and goals.


Showcase Your Community’s Personality

What are the special traits that make your senior living community stand out from the competition? Your staff, facilities, and amenities are probably toward the top of that list, along with your genuine empathy and caring for your resident.

A OneDay video is an ideal way to showcase everything that makes your team, community, and facilities special. This type of video grabs a prospective resident’s attention and allows them to start imagining what it’s like to live in your community.


Virtual Tours That Prospects and Loved Ones Remember

Between health issues – both personal and public – as well as busy schedules and simple geography, in-person tours aren’t always possible. However, that doesn’t mean prospects have to walk into such a major decision blindfolded.

Once again, One Day’s video content marketing platform allows you to conduct personalized virtual tours that focus on the areas of your community a prospect is most interested in. For the middle and bottom of the funnel, these virtual tours can be a powerful factor in the audience’s decision-making process.


Resident Testimonials to Build Trust and Comfort

As you can probably tell by now, trust and comfort are both essential to senior living marketing campaigns. Aside from personalized introductions, though, resident testimonial videos are another great way to develop that ever-important trust and comfort.

For example, maybe you have a prospect with a real green thumb. In that case, a resident testimonial featuring a current resident that’s also passionate about gardening can go a long way in making a potential resident feel at home in your community, even before they move in. And since this type of OneDay video only takes a few minutes to create, edit, and send, it doesn’t place an additional strain on your team.


Introduce Your Team Members

There’s something to be said for a prospect and their loved ones being able to attach a face to the message. That’s exactly what happens when you make OneDay videos to introduce your team members, and not just those on your sales team.

As an example, a short introduction and interview with your head chef is an effective way to take a prospect behind the scenes of your community. Seeing and hearing how passionate your chef is about their job and the role they play in providing residents with the best quality of life possible is a key differentiator between you and your competition.


Personalize Your Follow-Ups

Continuing into the consideration stage of the video sales funnel, personalized OneDay follow-up videos reinforce and expand the trust, comfort, and familiarity you’ve already been building to this point. It’s important to be consistent in your tone and approach to messaging your target audience through every stage of the sales funnel.

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Thus, personalized video follow-ups show a prospect that your interest and care are authentic and not a sales tactic. Fortunately, OneDay’s video marketing platform makes such authenticity easy and convenient for your marketers to convey. In other words, by partnering with OneDay, you’re using an industry-best marketing tool that benefits residents and staff alike.

Ready to see how video can work for you?