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Get to Know Dan Dionne, OneDay’s New Vice President of Sales

Sometimes things just feel right. When the stars align, organizations can feel the same way about a key hire in an essential role, and vice versa if fate is really hitting on all cylinders.

However you define it – serendipity, good luck, meant to be – OneDay is incredibly fortunate to feel this way about our new Vice President of Sales, Dan Dionne. And as I'm about to explain, the feeling is mutual, making Dan an ideal fit for the vision and values that make OneDay such a special place.


Like a Comfortable Pair of Shoes

Dan comes to OneDay from CarGurus, where he spent the last seven years helping them go from the garage days with 60 people to a post-IPO business with well over a thousand employees. And while Dan is incredibly thankful for his time there and justifiably proud of what the team was able to accomplish, it was just time to move on and find a new horizon to chase.

Fast forwarding a bit, Dan received a phone call one fateful day about a fast-growing startup in Texas called OneDay. Now, although his family – Dan's wife, seven month-old son, and two rambunctious dogs – had some deep roots in Boston, they always said Austin was the type of city that could lure them away from Beantown. After all, Dan married his wife in Austin and still owns property there.

Granted, OneDay is headquartered in Dallas, not Austin. However, from Dan's perspective, the Metroplex is a lot closer to Austin than Massachusetts, so in this case, two or three hours on I-35 is a small price to pay. It isn’t often when an organization is happy to hear they're 'close enough.' But in this particular case, we're over the moon.

In fact, to hear Dan tell the story, each time he interviewed with OneDay, it became more apparent that this is where he's meant to be, with our team, mission, vision, and values fitting him like a comfortable pair of old shoes in the best way imaginable.


OneDay’s Business and Culture are Special

That's not to say, of course, that there won't be challenges on the road ahead. But that's precisely what Dan was looking for to start with, a place where he could climb new mountains and use his skills and knowledge to help improve lives and propel businesses forward. Obviously, that description fits OneDay to a tee.

Turning everyday people into master digital storytellers through technology is why we exist here at OneDay. And all it takes is a handful of minutes in conversation with Dan to realize how enthusiastic he is to evangelize our platform, introduce it to new and exciting markets, and immerse himself in our special culture. Likewise, Dan can't wait to build a customer base from the ground up and help OneDay reach its lofty potential.

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So if you happen to run into Dan, make sure to let him bend your ear for a while and hear firsthand the enthusiasm that saturates every word he speaks. It's infectious and bodes extraordinarily well for our collective future here at OneDay.

Ready to see how video can work for you?