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Get to Know Mike Davis, OneDay’s SVP of Multifamily

Experience and expertise are the traits you want leading your organization into new territory. As OneDay expands our operational footprint into the dynamic multifamily industry, we have those critical traits and more behind the wheel in Mike Davis, our new Senior Vice President of Multifamily at OneDay.

As I'm about to explain, there are endless reasons to be excited about Mike, what he brings to our new multifamily division and video solution, Convey by OneDay, and what he means to us as an organization. So on that note, let's get to know Mike a little better.


The Ideal Background

If there was ever someone born to be in the multifamily business, it's Mike. With both parents working in the industry, Mike has been immersed in multifamily since he was 12 years old.

Aside from familial ties, Mike also brings a vast amount of hands-on experience to his role as SVP. After receiving a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of North Texas with a specialty in marketing and advertising management, Mike joined – eventually becoming Move, Inc. – where he rose in the ranks to the regional account manager level.

From there, Mike joined LexisNexis, serving as a Regional Sales Manager and later Director of National Sales. Afterward, Mike segued to RealPage, where he was Vice President of Enterprise Sales for over 14 years. This is where he fine-tuned his expertise in both multifamily and property technology (PropTech), functioning as an essential advisor between his customer base and the data analytics tools that RealPage provides to the real estate industry.

Needless to say, as OneDay dives into the multifamily waters with Convey, Mike's unique expertise in both PropTech and the multifamily industry itself will be a critical asset in helping us quickly establish a foothold in this competitive industry.

As impressive as his experience and skill set are, though, it's Mike's personality and character that shine brightest, making him a perfect fit for our energetic, positive, and team-oriented culture. And if you ask Mike, the feeling is reciprocated, where he was naturally drawn to our vision and people-centric approach to everything we do.


The Road Ahead

With such an innovative, forward-looking solution like Convey by OneDay, it might be easy to get over one skis and start thinking too far ahead. However, Mike is solely focused on making Convey the leading video platform in the entire multifamily industry.

Between Mike's expertise and the already industry-leading features that Convey brings to the marketplace, though, we don't imagine it's going to take long to find serious traction across the multifamily industry. In one convenient but powerful solution, Convey by OneDay gives leasing agents a potent competitive edge with features like:

  • Personalized videos to attract prospects and stay connected with current residents
  • Streamlined notifications to quickly connect with new leads
  • Instant two-way messaging for more personalized connections
  • A centralized dashboard with granular insights to drive better results
  • OneDay's industry-leading training and support team

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You can see why we’re so excited about the Convey by OneDay launch. It’s not every day that an organization gets to introduce such a unique and innovative solution with the ideal person at the helm. Needless to say, it’s a good day to be in both multifamily and OneDay.

Ready to see how video can work for you?