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How To Use Video For Better Apartment Marketing

Multifamily marketing strategies come in different shapes and sizes. And while it's impossible to say one strategy is better than the others in the battle for move-ins, video content is a clear differentiator on the engagement front.

But given how new many owners and operators are to video, the best ways to use it for apartment marketing aren't always obvious. Therefore, I want to take a look at two simple rules of thumb you can use to ensure you are maximizing the positive impact video content has on your messaging.


Be Authentic

Whether we’re talking about multifamily, senior living, or virtually any other customer-facing industry, authenticity is always in-demand. And by in-demand, I really mean a non-negotiable requirement from prospects and current customers.

In multifamily, that means prospects and residents don't want any manufactured, stuffy corporate videos that might have a pleasant sheen but really carry no substance in them. Remember, in this digitally connected world of ours, where the internet – particularly social media – creates instantaneous bridges between geographies, demographics, and other traditional barriers, audiences can now spot inauthentic messaging from a mile away.

Instead, prospects and residents want to see and hear from the on-site management team and how they’re working tirelessly to create the best possible resident experience. In the end, your target audience doesn't care if someone from your team stumbles on a word as they deliver information through a video.

In fact, they'll usually even prefer such flubs to absolute perfection since they speak to your humanity and authenticity. To that end, recent research found that 86% of people think authenticity is essential when choosing between products and services. Therefore, simply being genuine in your video messaging helps build an ever-important sense of trust between you and your residents.


Communicate Frequently

Prospects and residents aren’t just looking for authenticity, though. They also want to be in the loop regarding anything impacting the community. Of course, video is a great way to deliver this information since it's so much more engaging than text or even pictures.

From a workflow perspective, video can also be an extremely efficient way to communicate, assuming you use the right video sales and marketing platform. Using Convey by OneDay as an example, it only takes a few minutes to record, edit, and distribute a video to every resident in an apartment complex. This way, you're not only building trust with the audience but maximizing engagement as well.

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Ultimately, you're trying to avoid any semblance of an ivory tower when it comes to your apartment marketing. Residents don't want to feel like they're peeking in on a C-suite Zoom meeting. Rather, they want to feel connected to the people providing them with such a satisfying place to live. Thankfully, that's exactly what Convey by OneDay provides to our multifamily partners.

Ready to see how video can work for you?