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Understanding why it is critical for organizations to incorporate personalized video solutions with a robust social media strategy.

In this era of digital messaging and the vast ecosystem of video solutions, it is crucial for organizations to understand all of the various offerings and how they fit into the full buyer journey. To start, social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are household names designed for mass marketing and brand awareness. In comparison, personalized video solutions, like OneDay, are designed for creating content targeted to specific recipients already aware of and interesting in your offering. In this overview, we’ll explore the full comparison of social media platforms vs personalized video solutions.


Popular, But Are They Enough?

TikTok and Instagram have reshaped the digital landscape with their engaging content and massive audience reach. They're the go-to platforms for brands aiming to tap into a massive, diverse and dynamic user base.

Key Features of TikTok and Instagram:

  • Engagement through UGC and Viral Challenges: Both solution's strengths lie in their user engagement, driven by creative content and viral challenges.

  • E-commerce Integrations: With TikTok's Shopify collaboration, e-commerce capabilities are woven seamlessly into the social experience. This is great for B2C or self-service product offerings.

  • Creative Freedom: A plethora of tools, including AR features and brand effects, enable imaginative content creation on these platforms.

These solutions possess powerful capabilities focused on mass awareness but neither are able to effectively provide 1:1 communication capabilities once a viewer becomes a lead.

OneDay: Not Just Another Platform,

but a Strategic Powerhouse

Enter OneDay. It's not just another tool in your arsenal; it's the cornerstone of a holistic and sophisticated communications strategy. Designed with precision and personalization in mind, OneDay transcends the conventional approach of social media platforms.

OneDay's Advanced Offerings:

  • Personalized Video Messaging: OneDay's forte is crafting video content that speaks directly to the needs of each recipient while building deeper relationships between the organization and the consumer.
  • AI-Powered Scripting and Teleprompter: Empowers users with content creation support utilizing Generative AI offerings.
  • Real-Time Engagement Notifications: Instantly notifying team members when a recipient interacts with content.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Go deeper into understanding the audience and their flow through the buyer journey with analytics that surpass the surface-level insights of TikTok and Instagram.
  • Seamless CRM Integration: Enhance customer relationships with CRM capabilities absent in mainstream social media solutions.

Evaluating the Full Communications

Ecosystem: OneDay & The Social


Let's evaluate these platforms side-by-side and see why it's not "OneDay or Social Media" but instead "OneDay AND Social Media" as a necessity for success.

  • Sophisticated AI Based Content Creation Support:
    • OneDay: Harness AI for nuanced scripting, offering a strategic edge in content creation.
    • TikTok and Instagram: Rely on user creativity, lacking targeted messaging and guidance.

  • Deep Dive Analytics vs Surface Metrics:
    • OneDay: Delivers comprehensive analytics for a nuanced understanding of viewer engagement throughout the buying journey.
    • TikTok and Instagram: Provides basic, surface level marketing engagement insights (impressions, demographic data, etc).

  • CRM Synergy Against Limited Integrations:
    • OneDay: Integrates seamlessly with many CRM systems, including Salesforce and Hubspot, enhancing customer engagement and sales efficiency.
    • TikTok and Instagram: Focuses on mass content reach rather than targeted messaging to specific contacts within organization's CRMs.

  • Personalization at Scale vs Generalized Engagement:
    • OneDay: Specializes in highly personalized video messaging, forging deeper connections.
    • TikTok and Instagram: Offers broad content messaging lacking the scale of individualized engagement OneDay provides.


Decide for Yourself and Schedule

Your OneDay Demo Today

Are you ready to elevate your communication's strategy by leveraging a more holistic communications approach? Experience the transformative capabilities of OneDay firsthand. Schedule your demo today and see how OneDay not only compliments but transcends the side reach of social media platforms with it's unique, advanced features.

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