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Why Resident Stories Are Important for Both Residents & Family Members

Video storytelling isn’t just a powerful marketing tool. It’s also indispensable in maintaining emotional connections between your senior living community’s residents and their loved ones. Simply put, videos have the power to keep families close and memories flowing, improving the quality of life for everyone involved.

Here at OneDay, we call them Resident Stories, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from communities about the happiness and excitement they bring to both residents and their family members. To that point, I’m going to discuss some of the main reasons why Resident Stories have become an essential part of the senior living experience across our partner communities.


The Ripple Effect

As you already know, the smallest of actions you make in your operations can have a massive impact on your residents’ well-being, both good and bad. Resident Stories are a perfect example of something that’s fast and easy for your staff members and caregivers to create, but go a long way in providing a satisfying life for your residents and the loved ones that miss them so very much.

Through OneDay’s Resident Stories, video storytelling fosters a sense of camaraderie, comfort, and companionship that becomes a hallmark of your senior care community. By providing such a caring, interactive environment, you’re enhancing every resident’s life.

That, in turn, puts families at ease, creating a ripple effect that might start with a simple 90-second OneDay video but, ultimately, has a lasting impact that only grows the more you use Resident Stories.


A Powerful Keepsake

One of the most significant benefits of the digital age is the permanence of data. Put in a less scientific way, our digital creations stand the test of time. For example, just like the love and memories shared between your residents and their families, OneDay Resident Stories don’t fade with age or wear with use.

In other words, spending just five minutes recording a OneDay video with a resident can create a treasured family keepsake that relatives rewatch countless times. With OneDay, you can amplify that critical ripple effect even more – much more – by using something as straightforward as Resident Stories to improve the lives of both residents and their families. Obviously, that’s a powerful ability and well worth just a few minutes of a team member’s time.


Improve Resident Mental and Emotional Health

Researchers have found that revisiting memories and life stories can be beneficial for older adults, generating a feeling of accomplishment and closure. Naturally, OneDay’s Resident Stories are the perfect medium for capturing memories of family milestones like vacations, graduations, holidays, and other significant touchpoints.

This dynamic is crucial when family members can’t visit as often as they would like – whether from healthcare concerns like the coronavirus pandemic or sheer distance – particularly for an assisted living community or memory care facility.

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However, OneDay videos keep residents connected and vital, especially when in-person visits aren’t possible. And as an integral part of the OneDay Flywheel To Drive Occupancy, they help your senior living community reach its ROI and occupancy goals as well.

Ready to see how video can work for you?