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Leveraging Video Storytelling for Lead Conversion in Multifamily

Given how competitive the multifamily industry is these days, it's safe to say property managers wish they had a magic conversion wand to wave over leads. But while magic wands and crystal balls are still out of reach, video storytelling is the next best thing multifamily has in converting leads into residents.

However, since video storytelling is still somewhat new to many multifamily marketing and sales teams, I wanted to take a few minutes to provide a few best practices you can use to fully leverage video storytelling. With a little bit of practice and a powerful tool like OneDay at your disposal, video storytelling can quickly prove to be a powerful lead conversion rate driver for your multifamily company.


Pre-Recorded Video

I understand that sales and marketing teams in multifamily have an awful lot on their plate. And while it only takes a few minutes to create, edit, and distribute high-quality videos using OneDay, workflow efficiency is still an absolute priority.

To that point, using pre-recorded video in prospect follow-up sequences and chatbots provides the best of both worlds – efficient workflows and the power of video to engage and compel. Yes, personalized video is a potent tool for your digital marketing campaigns, but that's not to say every video you create should be personalized. Quick follow-ups and chatbot conversations provide the ideal environments for quick but effective pre-recorded video content.


Introduction Videos

Moving into a new apartment complex can feel overwhelming. New faces, a new environment, new management to meet – they can all make the moving process more nerve-racking than it should be.

I suggest using video storytelling to introduce your management team to new residents. First, video is inherently more engaging than text, so video introductions will form deeper connections that create a sense of trust, familiarity, and comfort to a resident. Second, pre-recorded introduction videos are, once again, ideal for busy workflows. Remember, using video doesn't mean you’re reinventing the marketing wheel at every turn.


Highlight the Best of Your Community and Area

A video marketing campaign is an opportunity to shine the brightest, most flattering light on your community and the surrounding area. In other words, if your apartment complex is three blocks from the beach, actually showing the beach in a marketing video will always gain more traction with your audience than simply describing the ocean view in words.

Similarly, video storytelling allows you to convey an exciting, enthusiastic, and interesting narrative around your multifamily community. Show clips of trick-or-treating through your complex at Halloween, the holiday lights you hang in December, and the happy hours you hold every Friday evening. When a prospective resident sees those smiling faces and hears that laughter, your apartment community is bound to stick out from the competition.


A Curated Living Experience

Prospects aren't leasing based on a laundry list of amenities anymore. Whereas the community that checked the most generic boxes used to come out on top – at least most of the time – renters are looking for more personalized living solutions that suit their specific needs well.

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The video storytelling in your multifamily marketing strategy should highlight how the amenities you provide fit within the lives of your residents. Are you targeting families with younger children? If so, your on-site playgrounds and discounts with local daycare centers could speak volumes to those parents. No matter what your prospective renters might value most, though, OneDay will always be here to provide the tools and insights you need to move the occupancy needle.

Ready to see how video can work for you?