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OneDay Expands into the Multifamily Real Estate Industry

Convey by OneDay will introduce the company to a multi-billion dollar industry and redefine how leasing agents drive occupancy and resident engagement with advanced video software.

DALLAS, (May 20, 2021) -- OneDay, a technology company best-known for video storytelling with senior living communities, today launched Convey by OneDay, a property technology (PropTech) video platform designed specifically for multifamily leasing agents. The platform personalizes the sales process by leveraging high-quality videos to quickly connect with prospective and current residents, showcase communities, and shorten sales cycles ultimately converting prospects into residents. The innovative platform is custom-built for each community to deliver a personalized experience that's consistent with their unique brand.

To lead OneDay’s new multifamily division, the company has appointed Mike Davis to senior vice president of multifamily at OneDay, and he brings more than 25 years of experience in this industry, spending the last 22 years in PropTech. He recently served as vice president of enterprise sales at RealPage, Inc., a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry. During his 14 years at RealPage Inc., Davis oversaw customers ranging from local to regional to those on the National Multifamily Housing Council Top 50 list, while representing the company in local, state, and national industry trade associations. Prior, Davis worked with Resident Data, now LexisNexis, helping grow the business into the third largest resident screening company in the country.  

“OneDay empowers businesses to tell their story in order to drive occupancy with best-in-class video platforms, and we’re excited to expand into the multifamily industry, allowing leasing agents to harness our unique video technology to close leases faster, drive revenue, and increase resident engagement,” said Clint Lee, co-founder and CEO of OneDay. “Since 2017, OneDay has empowered nearly 5,000 senior living communities to leverage video storytelling, while creating meaningful connections with senior living residents and their families. Our expansion into the multifamily industry will allow their teams to do the same, creating authentic connections with current residents and prospects alike. With our video platform, we believe we can transform countless industries, like multifamily, and create a world where no one's story goes untold.”


Key features of Convey by OneDay include: 

    • Personalized videos to attract prospects and stay connected with current residents: Leasing agents can record videos in just a few steps that can be used for prospect introductions, virtual tours, post-tour recaps, and as a way to follow up and keep in touch throughout the sales process. The customized platform can also be used for current residents to promote a community event or send reminders to them about upcoming due dates, maintenance, security updates, and more. 
    • Streamlined notifications to quickly connect with new leads: Leasing agents will be kept up to date on notifications through a centralized screen. Notifications will automatically populate when someone opens an email, plays a video, or comments on one, allowing leasing agents to quickly connect with prospects in real-time. 
    • Instant two-way messaging to create personalized connections: To drive sales momentum, a prospective or current resident can immediately add a comment to a video or reply via text message, creating personalized connection and enhanced communication through two-way messaging. 
    • Centralized dashboard with granular insights to help drive results: The dashboard provides feedback on what types of emails, videos, and messages are actually leading to results, and includes notifications, activities, and additional metrics like minutes of video watched.
    • Training and support: Convey by OneDay has a dedicated client success team that will provide constant training and support to make sure leasing agents get the most out of the platform.


In 2020 alone, OneDay increased its customer base by more than 150 percent, partnering with nearly 5,000 senior living communities across the country, and the company aims to apply what they’ve learned from senior living, while leveraging the power of its video platform, to the multifamily industry. OneDay’s exponential growth last year, which primed the company for expansion, was led in part by OneDay’s Chief Revenue Officer Dave Jimenez, who was hired in March 2020, to lead the company’s marketing, sales, and client success teams. Under his guidance, OneDay refactored their entire go-to-market strategy and united their revenue team, which includes the sales, customer success, and marketing teams, helping drive value and outcomes for their customers. 

Launched in 2017, OneDay’s first product was a senior living storytelling platform that allowed staff at senior living communities to easily record a high-quality video within seconds. In June 2020, the company unveiled Reflect by OneDay, designed for the funeral home industry to help family and friends digitally collect memories and stories into a crowdsourced personal video documentary of a loved one’s life.

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