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Video 101: How to Use Video to Build Your Brand

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were the world’s strongest brands. Everyone has to start somewhere with using marketing building blocks to construct a strong brand. And as too many blink and you’ll miss them corporate biographies prove, the moment you start skimping on methods and strategy, you’re putting your brand’s future at risk.

Thankfully, video is the type of content that will support your brand, help you build it from the ground floor, and provide a solid foundation for your future. And as I’m about to discuss, there are three ways you can use video in your branding to solidify your future and ensure it can withstand whatever the marketplace can throw at you.


Differentiation: Stand Out from the Crowd

Whether you're a traditional widget manufacturer or a sleek tech startup, one notion rings true – competition is fierce in an environment that only gets more crowded by the day. And like it or not, your organization's marketing efforts must rise above both your competitors’ and the rest of the digital landscape. Otherwise, you and your branding risk disappearing into the background.

In other words, you're competing for waning attention spans against a formidable foe – the internet and all thats comes with it. That means it's increasingly difficult for your business to break through the noise to connect and engage with your audience. But that's precisely what makes video content such a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Video is inherently engaging, much more so than text and images. Therefore, thanks to the rise of social media and the ease of sharing video content with your audience, you can quickly and conveniently keep pace with rapidly evolving consumer behaviors and expectations.

Simply put, in a TikTok and Instagram-driven world, your target segments are accustomed to absorbing information through video. Therefore, no matter if you're a massive, well-established brand or just now trying to establish your brand's footing, video content will help you compete against the countless other messages fighting for eyeballs these days.


Retention: Keep the Customers You Acquire

As I said, video is the most engaging content format you have at your disposal. And since engagement directly correlates with the strength of the connections you form with customers – both current and future – it's fair to say video will help you build enduring relationships with your audience.

Further, with trust being one of the most potent assets your brand can wield these days, video also plays an instrumental role in building that sense of trust that’s critical to the ultimate success of your brand. With a targeted video content marketing strategy, you will inevitably develop a sense of trust and brand loyalty that can continue to propel your organization forward, well into the future.


Growth: Stretch Your Branding Boundaries

Now I want to fast-forward a little bit and assume you've already established a solid brand, with video sales and marketing being the norm rather than something new for your team. At this point, you've developed a good amount of trust equity with your audience, where they now feel comfortable with your brand identity and messaging.

This is the time where you can afford to take a few more creative risks, not necessarily with content that's completely off-brand for your company, but you can certainly push the boundaries a bit. As the old saying goes – no risk, no reward.

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Granted, I'm not suggesting you should continually roll the dice and possibly gamble away all of the positive branding you've established thus far. However, there's nothing wrong with using video in new and creative ways to really shine a spotlight on critical moments for your business. And with OneDay at your side, you have a video and sales marketing platform that will scale with your organization and branding every step of the way.

Ready to see how video can work for you?