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3 Tips for Creating Great Employee Testimonial Videos

In today's topsy-turvy, up-is-down labor market, employers need to leverage every possible advantage to attract top talent. Of course, this isn't exactly earth-shattering news given how tough a road it's been in the senior living industry, even before the onset of the Great Resignation.

Fortunately, your community has a real ace in the hole in the fight for talent – your current team members. In fact, as I'm about to discuss, your community has no greater brand ambassadors than your existing team, making employee testimonial videos a significant feather in your recruiting cap. So on that note, let's take a look at three simple ways you can maximize impact and engagement with your employee testimonials.


Be Natural

Recruiting is no time to put on a front. Given the razor-thin margins for error in today's climate, there's simply no point in trying to pretend your community is something it’s not. Think of it this way – if you put on a show full of exaggerations and falsehoods to attract talent, do you think those new hires will stay long once they realize you were disingenuous? Not a chance.

Therefore, the most impactful testimonial videos will be the ones that show your staff in their actual, day-to-day work environments. People want a window into what it's actually like to work in your community, not a fabricated construct meant to simply lure them in.

When you provide an accurate portrayal of life on your team, you have a much better chance of finding talent that fits well with your culture, vision, and team. Anything else is just inviting your senior living community's employee turnover rate to take off like a rocket, something the entire industry already struggles with.


Be Authentic

Similarly, there's no point in trying to make your employees into movie stars just to positively impact your testimonial videos. In fact, authenticity is just as essential as being natural, where a recruit or candidate will spot something inauthentic from a mile away. And that just makes an already challenging situation that much more difficult.

Instead, don't try to make your people something they aren't. Let those smiles and pride in their work shine brightly without trying to filter the message through any false lenses. Because when you’re able to capture authenticity from your employees in testimonial videos, it's like catching lightning in a bottle – an electric jolt for your recruiting.


Be Personal

We often speak about the importance of personalization in your OneDay videos for prospects and families. But did you know that same personalization can boost your recruiting for the very same reasons?

Just as prospects are receiving canned, automated, boilerplate responses from other communities, so are job candidates from other potential employers. Thus, something like personalized messaging is a significant opportunity to separate yourself from other companies.

Remember, you’re not just competing against other senior living communities. Like it or not, you're fighting for talent against several organizations from several industries in your area. That's why it's so important to personalize your testimonial videos from current staff, where they address the viewer by name and speak to them as a real, breathing individual, not just a single faceless recruit of many.

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Thankfully, OneDay’s platform makes such personalization both simple and convenient, giving you the ideal tool to create employee testimonial videos that have a tangible impact on your recruiting. These days, it's tough to imagine a more powerful asset to the never-ending recruiting process.

Ready to see how video can work for you?