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People Remember Content With Visual Components

With so much information crossing your prospects every day, it's essential your content both stands out and sticks to your audience. One of the simplest ways of ensuring that is to start with the right content format in the first place.

That's why high-quality visuals play such a vital role in your marketing efforts – they help differentiate your messaging and deliver a lasting impression. In fact, as I am about to explain, visuals can boost your content marketing strategy in several different ways.


Bite-Sized Content Morsels

There are few things more intimidating to a prospect than a massive wall of text. No matter how eloquent you might be, seemingly never-ending paragraphs can dismantle the user experience before you can even deliver your information.

Visuals are completely different from text in this respect, summarizing your content into smaller and easier sections. Whether it's a OneDay video, infographic, or image, visually conveying information makes it easier for your target audience to process.


Visual Information Sticks to the Audience

Obviously, engaging prospects is one of the primary goals of your sales and marketing strategy. However, initial engagement alone is not enough. Not only do you want to grab your audience's attention but, just as importantly, want them to remember your messaging as well.

This is yet another area where visual content marketing shines. Since visuals are easier to understand  – remember, most people are visual learners – they also increase the chances of your target audience remembering the material and learning from it.

These traits are especially important toward the beginning of the sales funnel when prospects are still researching their options and prioritizing needs.


Visuals Boost Text-Based Messaging

While, once again, a mountain of pure text usually overwhelms the reader, text is still crucial in your messaging. Between website copy, social media posts, emails, and all the other components of your sales and marketing, text plays an important role in conveying important information.

Fortunately, visuals can serve as an octane boost to your text-based messaging, lifting engagement and understanding from your audience. To that point, a recent study found illustrated text to be 83% more effective than textual content alone in driving comprehension, even after a delay in testing the subjects.

Put another way, combining text, graphic design, and other visual elements keeps your brand and information top-of-mind on social media platforms and beyond.


Visuals Pack a Stronger, Faster Emotional Punch

From a Speed-to-Lead perspective, every moment matters, even the smallest ones. So the faster your marketers can connect with prospects, the better. And as you probably guessed, visuals turbo-charge your messaging across your sales and marketing strategy.

According to research, the brain processes visual assets 60,000 times faster than text alone. Further, when you use video content – the most engaging of the many types of visual content  – you’re setting yourself up for success.

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That’s exactly what our mission is with OneDay's video marketing solution – to provide the visual storytelling tools you need to standout from the competition. And I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Ready to see how video can work for you?