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3 Types of Branded Video Content and Why They Work

As an organization, it's not easy making a name for yourself in such a busy, crowded world. And if simply sticking out from the crowd wasn't hard enough, developing a consistent, recognizable brand can make even the most stalwart marketing teams wince a bit.

But branding and recognition don't have to feel like you’re perpetually climbing a steep mountain as long as you use the right tools. That's why I want to look at video content – specifically, three types of videos – that can elevate your brand without straining your already jam-packed workflow.


Explainer Videos

Your customers want to know more about your organization, the products or services you provide, and why they should choose you over your competitors. That's exactly why explainer videos can be such a powerful branding tool for your company.

Yes, product walk-throughs that go above and beyond a standard instruction manual are always welcomed by your customer base, especially for particularly complicated products. But explainer videos go far beyond mere walk-throughs, giving the audience an opportunity to experience your passion for what you do and genuine thoughtfulness for the people you serve – them.


Likewise, explainer videos allow you to give the viewer a peak into your company's vision, something that far too many organizations forget or disregard. Remember, people want to do business with companies that match their personal view of the world or goals, something that's impossible unless you give your customer base the opportunity to do so.

Whether it's a product walk-through or a window into your vision, though, my advice is to integrate a narrative into your explainer videos, connecting through emotion and storytelling whenever possible. This way, your audience will feel more strongly about your brand and be far more willing to share your video with others.


Company Culture Videos

At OneDay, we often talk about how essential company culture is to success, no matter your industry. Culture isn't just about attracting and retaining talent or creating a fulfilling work environment, though. In fact, it plays just as important a role with your customers, just from a different perspective.

Therefore, whether you're teaching a viewer the best way to change a lightbulb or discussing the steps you use in your explainer video production process, simply teaching your audience something – virtually anything – goes a long way toward retaining their attention and leaving your mark. In this sense, being open about your company culture is much like the transparency into your vision I discussed above.


Testimonials and Case Studies

One of the many reasons why video is such a powerful format is its inherent immersive qualities, letting the audience see facial expressions and hear excitement in a person's voice. That's why video is such a potent trust builder with your customer base.

Couple that notion with the fact that nearly 90% of consumers trust user reviews, case studies, and testimonials as much as personal recommendations and you have a true recipe for branding success.


Granted, I've only discussed three specific types of video content that can propel your brand forward – the proverbial tip of the iceberg. That said, there is nothing I would like more than to let me tell you even more about the many other ways video can reinvent your branding, sales, and marketing strategies. So let's talk!

Ready to see how video can work for you?