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4 Best Practices on How to Showcase Your Company Culture

There’s no question about it – your people are your organization’s key to a successful, enduring future. The Great Resignation has only amplified that notion, putting incredible strains on businesses already stretched razor-thin from the pandemic. That’s why there’s such a bright spotlight on company culture these days – it’s critical to keeping your people happy, fulfilled, and engaged.

Therefore, whether you’re trying to maintain an already robust culture or still putting one together, your ability to showcase that culture will help distinguish you from everyone else and, most importantly, attract and retain talent. To that point, I want to take a few minutes to discuss how video content can help that spotlight on your culture be as bright and effective as possible.


Show Appreciation

Here’s a statistic that really hits home these days – lack of recognition is the top reason people leave their jobs now. Of course, that dynamic isn’t exclusive to The Great Resignation, though. In fact, it speaks more to human nature than anything else. 

Simply put, your people want to feel valued and appreciated. However, cookie-cutter, automated emails aren't enough to create that critical sense of appreciation in today’s world. Employees want and expect more from you and your organization's leadership than just a boilerplate ‘thank you.’

As a best practice, a short but personalized video to someone is a great way to show appreciation without placing an additional burden on your workflow. As a matter of fact, a platform like OneDay requires only a few minutes to create, edit, and distribute a personalized video that will speak far louder than any email ever could.


Congratulate Accomplishments

Building on the previous point, accomplishments are obvious moments where recognition and appreciation really hit home for your people. For example, let's say someone on your team just earned a difficult new certification or a promotion they'd been eyeing for years. Congratulating them on such an accomplishment shows how much you value them and everything they do for your team and company.

Likewise, congratulating your team when they meet an especially tough goal will convey how much you appreciate their efforts. For these types of occasions, try sending a video as congratulations, where your people can see the enthusiasm on your face, hear the gratitude in your voice, and feel genuinely valued.


Make Introductions Memorable

It's never easy being the new kid on the block. No matter how engaging and connected you try to make a new hire feel throughout the recruiting and onboarding processes, there will always be a bit of trepidation on their first day as part of your team.

Thus, a personalized video can really help a new hire feel more comfortable on that first day, like they already know their teammates. Even better, such a video doesn't have to be elaborate or time-consuming.

Instead, just record your team welcoming the new person aboard and expressing how much they're looking forward to working with them. Even if it's only a minute or two long, sending an introduction video the day before their first day will help ease those initial jitters and allow you to ramp up new hires quickly.


Celebrate with Flair

Sticking with the recognition theme, using video to celebrate special occasions and events will help you build a more inclusive and memorable company culture that people can't help but gravitate toward. Birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays – creating personalized videos for these types of moments only reinforces everything that makes your workplace so special. And OneDay feels extremely grateful in helping you create and maintain a culture that propels your entire organization forward.


Ready to see how video can work for you?