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From Silos to Synergy: Harnessing the Potential of Video Communication

Interoffice communication is vital to having a functional and thriving workforce. Unfortunately, silos can form between departments or teams in any organization, creating barriers that hinder collaboration and communication. Silos can lead to duplication of efforts, missed opportunities, and decreased efficiency. The good news is that video communication tools offer a powerful way to break down these silos and foster a more cohesive and collaborative workplace. Let’s look at some simple ways utilizing video can help break down the silos hindering your organization.


Create a Virtual Water Cooler

With so much of the workforce now commuting from home, it can be challenging to foster interdepartmental relationships. Creating a virtual video chat space where employees can freely chat with each other is a great way to try and duplicate socialization that can be missed when not in the office. These virtual water cooler chats can be team-specific or companywide, allowing employees to bond over current events. A relaxed and non-work-related space will allow bonding and team building to develop naturally.


Go ‘Behind the Scenes’ to Improve

Employee Understanding

Silos can develop between teams in the same department or even between c-suite and the rest of the organization. One of the fundamental reasons this happens is a need for more understanding of what other teams or departments do or how they operate. For example, creating a “behind the scenes'' video of a “day in the life” of the CEO or “what it's really like working on__team” allows other teams and the company at large to get a sense of how much work everyone is doing and how they function. The more understanding employees have of each other and leadership, the easier it is for everyone to work together synergistically.


Energize Meetings with Video


Since the pandemic, Zoom and Team meetings have become the norm for most of the workforce. While using that technology is easy, there are better video communication tools you can use for a more personalized experience. With the right personalized video platform, you can add ramp-up music pre-meeting, choose a visual theme, and put embedded links to what you are discussing into your video. Following the meeting, you can easily reach out to individual members with a quick video message or question. Personalizing your meetings can not only make them more enjoyable but can also help boost employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Employees who feel valued and connected to their team and the company are more likely to contribute their best work and stay committed to their role.


Boost Team Building with Video Tools

An easy way to create unity between departments is to hold virtual team-building events to encourage collaboration and connection across different teams. For instance, you can organize a virtual trivia game or escape room requiring employees to work together to solve a problem. These activities allow employees to interact with colleagues they may not typically work with, breaking down barriers and encouraging cross-functional teamwork. Additionally, video communication tools can be used for more informal team-building activities, such as virtual coffee breaks or happy hours, fostering camaraderie and boosting team morale.

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Ready to Say Goodbye to Silos and

Hello to Harmony?

Now that you know the power of video tools and messaging, it’s time to implement that knowledge and take action. To start, get your team together, and come up with fun ideas to brainstorm your first video project. If you need help knowing where to get started or are interested in using a personalized video messaging platform to help you create and distribute your videos, feel free to schedule a demo with us; we will be happy to help!

Ready to see how video can work for you?