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Enhance Your Culture and Cultivate Talent Through Video!

No matter how quickly the senior living industry evolves, a community’s people will always be its greatest asset. Your staff is ultimately what drives everything from prospect engagement to move-ins and ROI. In short, your people propel your community forward.

But that leaves senior living leaders with a dilemma – how can you ensure your talent is always satisfied, motivated, and shares your vision?

The answer is by enhancing your culture, the topic of a recent OneDay webinar and on-demand demo, Enhance Your Culture and Cultivate Talent Through Video. Along with expert advice from HumanGood, we examine the different ways OneDay videos can be instrumental in transforming talent into the ultimate occupancy driver, including discussions on:

  • Showcasing your extraordinary company culture and how it distinguishes your community
  • Leveraging your culture to retain the very best talent within your organization
  • Fostering genuine communication across employees, teams, and company levels
  • The relationship between happy staff members, happy residents, and occupancy rates


A Peek Behind the Culture Curtain

Like all of OneDay’s webinars, guides, and insights, this fourth installment of our On-Demand Demo series provides best practices and everyday advice that you’re just not going to find elsewhere. In fact, we’re giving senior living sales and marketing teams a frontrow seat into a discussion that can start positively impacting talent and driving occupancy rates today.

For example, Dennis Gradillas, VP of Sales at HumanGood, shares a sample OneDay video he might use with his own team. As you’ll see, this particular form of communication is especially personable, engaging, and educational for talent, especially for organizations with a footprint stretched across different locations, cities, or even states.

Further, we build on our previous thoughts on engaging staff and converting culture into conversions with practical advice on making the most of OneDay videos with your employees. And the results are something that email or virtually any other form of communication can’t come close to generating – a tight-knit team that thrives within a culture of support and shared insights, no matter how many communities you might operate.


Benefit From Different Perspectives and Experiences

Of course, in true OneDay style, we’ve also made sure this on-demand demo and webinar is as diverse and comprehensive as possible, all while keeping it entertaining and straightforward. For instance, our two experts field questions and input from other demo participants, further expanding the tips, tricks, and best practices that can make OneDay as effective as possible in driving your culture.


Putting the Demonstration in On-Demand Demo

Lastly, we also walk you through the simple process of making a OneDay to ensure everything is streamlined and efficient. Therefore, by the time you’re done watching our on-demand demo, Enhance Your Culture and Cultivate Talent Through Video, you’ll already understand just how easy and convenient the OneDay app is to use.

Download: Visionary Video ROI - A Case Study with Allegro Senior Living

Even more importantly, you’ll be able to immediately start using OneDay videos to drive your culture. And that, in turn, keeps your talent satisfied, residents happy, and your occupancy rates robust. Because that’s what we do here at OneDay – we strive to make our partners as successful as possible with everything we do.


Ready to see how video can work for you?