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4 Mistakes to Avoid when using Video Content in Senior Living

Deciding to use video content as a pillar in your senior living community’s digital marketing efforts is a significant step in the right direction. After all, video is the most engaging format you can use to communicate with prospective residents and families.

But wading into the video sales and marketing pool is only the first step. An even more crucial decision is how to integrate video into your messaging to maximize its impact. So to get you started, I wanted to discuss four of the most common video marketing mistakes senior living marketers make in their marketing campaigns, as well as a few tips on leveraging it to the fullest to start driving occupancy rates and ROI metrics.


1. Forgetting to Introduce Yourself

Tip: The Name Plate feature in the OneDay app is a convenient, unintrusive, but effective way to introduce a subject in your video content.

You make a point of introducing yourself when meeting a prospect and their loved ones in-person, so why would a video be any different? Aside from your audience expecting an introduction of some sort, it’s also a great way to immediately strengthen engagement with your content. When someone can assign a name to a face and vice versa, they’re more likely to remember your content and keep your community toward the front of their mental Rolodex.


2. Omitting a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Tip: Create separate CTAs for each stage of the sales process for maximum impact.

While CTAs are important in every component of your marketing strategy, they’re especially critical in your video content. Once again, with video being the most engaging format you can use to communicate with your target audience, failing to compel the viewer further along the sales process is a wasted opportunity.

If done well, CTAs at the end of your videos will prompt the audience to contact your sales team for additional information or click-through to a landing page to sign-up for a community event or tour of your facilities.


3. Lengthy Videos

Tip: Plan out and briefly rehearse a video before shooting to gauge its length.

Just because video is the most engaging format doesn’t mean your audience has unlimited patience or interest in the information you’re conveying. Recent research reveals that 73% of video content is less than two minutes long, and that’s for a good reason – that’s the sweet spot between delivering maximum information while still holding the audience’s attention. At OneDay, we recommend keeping your videos under 90 seconds whenever possible.


4. Being Too Generic

Tip: Whenever possible, address the video’s recipient by their preferred name (first name, nickname, etc.) to increase personalization.

One of the biggest advantages of using OneDay videos in your senior living marketing plan is the ability to quickly and efficiently create personalized, high-quality videos at scale. With a small investment of time, your sales and marketing team can create video content for specific prospects and families, speaking directly to the recipient and addressing their particular questions and needs. Taking a generic approach will usually result in leaving too much on the engagement table and failing to fully leverage your content’s potential.

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Fortunately, with a streamlined, intuitive UI and robust features, OneDay’s platform makes it easy to avoid these common pitfalls in your senior community’s video marketing strategy. With OneDay, gaining a true competitive advantage from your content marketing is only a few short of minutes away.

Ready to see how video can work for you?