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4 Video Tactics You Need for Sales & Marketing in 2021

Video is one of the most potent tools your sales and marketing team has at its disposal. As we’ve said before, it’s the most engaging format senior living communities can use to form powerful connections with prospects and families.

But even a genuine difference-maker like video still has constraints, namely the tactics you use within your video storytelling strategy. Coming out of an industry-jolting year like 2020, the tactics you use in 2021 and beyond will not only help your community define it’s “new normal,” but also differentiate it from the competition.

That’s exactly why we’ve created our newest on-demand webinar, 4 Video Tactics You Need for Sales & Marketing in 2021 – to give you the insights you need to make your video content an unparalleled asset in your community’s messaging.

As you’ll see when watching our 30-minute webinar, my OneDay team member and I outline practical tactics in using video content to its fullest in 2021, including in-depth discussions on:

  • Engaging your audience through storytelling
  • Personalizing your messaging
  • Elevating your content marketing
  • Showcasing your brand and personality


Tactics Backed by Facts and Experience

Like any of the webinars and guides we’ve created at OneDay, the insights discussed in 4 Video Tactics You Need for Sales & Marketing in 2021 are backed by statistics and research. Further, the tactics you’ll hear about are ones we actually use in our own day-to-day operations.

In other words, we’re providing a peek behind OneDay’s sales and marketing curtain to let your community benefit directly from our experience. Just as importantly, we’ve also included examples of the different tactics from some of OneDay’s community partners, giving you a revealing glimpse into real-world video best practices from industry-leaders.

Want to know what those tools and best practices are? Watch our webinar to find out!

Watch Webinar: 4 Video Tactics You Need for Sales & Marketing in 2021

A Boost Across Your Operations

Here at OneDay, we understand that our video storytelling solution doesn’t exist in a bubble. By design, OneDay is meant to be a single component – although a critical one – of your overall sales and marketing strategy. As we discuss in our webinar, OneDay also helps drive everything from technical SEO and showcasing your culture to building authenticity and trust with your audience.

So watch 4 Video Tactics You Need for Sales & Marketing in 2021 today and ensure 2021 is the year your community reaches the occupancy rates and NOI you know it’s always been capable of hitting. And as always, OneDay’s team will be here to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

Ready to see how video can work for you?