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4 Powerful Benefits of Creating an Employee Testimonial Video

As the battle for top talent continues in the senior living industry, small advantages can yield massive rewards on the recruiting front. To that point, the happy and satisfied people you already have on staff can become your greatest champion and a distinct recruiting edge, as long as you’re able to harness that energy and enthusiasm.

That's why we want to spend a few minutes discussing the power of employee testimonial videos and how they can supercharge any recruitment strategy. As you’ll see, your current staff just might be the most powerful asset you have in attracting key talent, retaining employees, and even driving move-ins. 


Paint a Picture for Recruits

Video is already the most impactful, engaging content format you have at your disposal. Pair that innate power with a personalized approach and you're left with an extremely potent tool to propel your recruiting strategy forward.

For example, video testimonials from current staff members engage job candidates at a deeper, more meaningful level. When a candidate can see facial expressions on an employee's face and hear the passion in their voice, it helps recruits envision themselves working in your community.


Drive Buy-In for Your Vision

Everyone wants to feel like they belong to an organization, your staff obviously included. Therefore, when you include them in your recruiting strategy by creating employee testimonial videos, it helps drive buy-in to your vision and fosters a more connected and immersive culture.

Of course, when you're able to establish such critical buy-in, better engagement levels aren't far behind. And when employees are more engaged with their work, coworkers, and community, your prospects, residents, staff, and stakeholders all benefit.


Connect with Prospects

Speaking of prospects, employee testimonials also help form the ever-important connections that transform prospective residents into actual residents. Imagine being a prospect moving into a senior living community for the first time after living in the same home for decades. Simply being able to attach faces to names and feel more comfortable with your staff is a crucial difference-maker in their buying process.


Tell Your Community's Story

Lastly, with video being such an immersive form of communication, employee testimonial videos help tell your community's story, painting in more vibrant colors and nuanced tones than brochures or even professional photography could ever match.

Once again, there is no substitute for the excitement and commitment that leaps through the screen when a genuinely engaged team member is speaking to the camera. Those are the types of emotions that even the most eloquent of words could capture, delivering a narrative on your community's commitment to excellence and providing a healthy, satisfying quality of life for your residents.

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Of course, here at OneDay, we love providing senior living communities with the tools that make creating testimonial videos so convenient, simple, and powerful. And as always, your team can count on ours for insights, guidance, and solutions that will help distinguish your community from others. It’s what we do.

Ready to see how video can work for you?