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How Storytelling Can Positively Impact Company Culture

People love a good story. When it's done right, storytelling can strengthen relationships, compel an audience, and even mend fences. Put another way, stories can serve as connective tissue that unites a group for a greater good and toward a bigger goal.

If that sounds like the sort of thing your senior living community needs to improve your company culture and transform it into a competitive advantage, you've come to the right place. Because as we're about to discuss, storytelling – particularly through video – can serve as a powerful boost for your corporate culture and employee satisfaction.


Clarify Your Mission

What is your community's mission and purpose? That might sound like an obvious question but, unless you've clearly defined them, it's hard for your people to translate them into the best quality of life possible for your residents.

Of course, you can always type your mission out, send it to employees by email, even print posters of it to hang across your community. However, as we've said before here at OneDay, video is inherently more engaging than text or even photographs. That said, expressing your mission through video storytelling allows your team to visualize those critical thoughts and philosophies, ultimately helping them absorb them and take them to heart.

Think of it this way – every company has a great story to tell, including those in the senior living industry. Therefore, by starting a video storytelling initiative to express that narrative, you're providing clarity and direction your people can use as a compass while at work. As you know, when employees understand what to do and why to do it, the result is a group of happy people that are more engaged and committed to excellence.


Stories Light a Fire

Speaking of a commitment to excellence, when people feel a passion for what they do and are emotionally invested in their work – caring for your residents, in this case – that passion is contagious. In other words, when you’re able to positively impact one employee, it will spread to everyone around them.

Once again, this is yet another area where storytelling can drive your company culture to new heights. Enthusiasm and employee engagement are infectious, and there's no better way to light those particular flames than through video storytelling. Passion, emotion, authenticity, commitment, enthusiasm – they're all traits video conveys to an audience, and that's a massive asset for any work environment.


Spotlight Your People

To state the obvious, recognizing employees for successes and accomplishments – both personal and professional – makes people feel wanted and important. And when you're able to drive those types of feelings throughout your team, it only bolsters your company culture and inspires people to excel even more.

From a storytelling perspective, it’s important to highlight your employees, their backgrounds, how they came to work for your organization, and what they enjoy most about your community. These messages serve as recognition as well as common ground across team members when you share those stories, from new hires to executive directors.

Further, these types of video stories are ideal for your social media channels, humanizing your community and helping prospects and their loved ones get a better idea of what life would be like as a resident.

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Here at OneDay, we’re proud to provide the tools and insights you need to positively impact your organizational culture with immersive and engaging video storytelling. So let’s talk and see how OneDay can help you strike a chord with the audience – employees, residents, and prospects alike.

Ready to see how video can work for you?