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5 OneDay Videos to Make For Resident Stories and Activities

Your senior living community prides itself on providing a fun, happy, and safe environment for your residents. In turn, your residents and their loved ones appreciate your attention to detail and the commitment you’ve made to making every day and night in your community as memorable and fulfilling as possible.

That said, it only makes sense to document all of those memorable moments and share them with families. That’s why I’m going to spend a few minutes discussing the different types of OneDay videos you can make to capture those Resident Stories and transform all of those activities into memories that will live on and on.


1. Stories to Share and Cherish Forever

It goes without saying that moving into a senior living community is a massive turning point in a resident’s life. But it’s not just a dramatic life event for a prospect as family members and friends are also experiencing a huge change.

Thankfully, physical distance doesn’t have to become emotional distance between your residents and their loved ones when you use the OneDay platform to capture Resident Stories. From smaller, subtle aspects of life to elaborate events taking place in your community, all of those moments provide a wealth of opportunity for your residents to tell a story through a OneDay video.

Also, thanks to digital tools like OneDay, those stories and memories don’t have an expiration date, maintaining the same vibrancy on the 500th viewing as the first. In other words, using OneDay to capture those special moments means you’re creating heirlooms that a resident’s loved ones can cherish forever.


2. Updates to Referral Sources and Family Members

Life in a senior living community is in a perpetual state of motion. New members move in, events take place, and amenities get built, all of which mean family members and even referral sources can feel behind the times without frequent updates.

This is yet another area where OneDay videos are a simple but powerful way to keep everyone in the loop. Remember, family members and friends obviously want to stay apprised of a resident’s well-being, especially if they can’t visit as frequently as they would like. However, don’t forget about the referral sources that paired your community with particular residents in the first place. They’ll also want updates on residents they helped place with you.


3. Capture the Small Moments

Sure, life in your senior living community will include plenty of memorable events and special occasions. But daily life is filled with smaller moments as well that are just as noteworthy for a resident and, thus, their loved ones.

Maybe a particular resident just developed a green thumb out of nowhere and dove into your community’s gardening club head first. Or perhaps they just developed a new friendship with another resident that, as it turns out, shares a similar background or interests. These smaller moments are ideal for a OneDay Resident Story, putting laughter, smiles, and a fulfilling quality of life in the spotlight.


4. Share the Love on Social Media

Expanding on the previous points, Resident Stories focused on the different clubs, classes, activities, and events happening in your community are perfect to share on Facebook and other social media platforms. Thanks to social media, you can keep everyone – both inside and outside of your facilities – up to date on what’s happening.

Of course, this type of sharing also helps engage with prospective residents as well, giving you the opportunity to keep loved ones connected with your current residents while also giving prospects a glance into daily life in your community. Now that’s a win-win if there ever was one.

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5. Reminiscence Therapy

Most commonly used in the memory care units of senior living communities, reminiscence therapy uses a variety of different techniques and tools – including videos of residents recalling memories – to improve a memory care resident’s psychological and emotional well-being. This particular brand of cognitive therapy is yet another way OneDay Resident Stories benefit your community.

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