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How Using OneDay For Resident Stories and Activities Can Drive Occupancy

Wouldn't it be nice if your senior living community could use a single sales and marketing tool to drive prospect engagement and occupancy rates to new heights? Sounds like the impossible dream, right? Thankfully, OneDay's industry-leading video solution is the type of tool that transforms dreams into reality.

Yes, I realize that sounds like a bit of a stretch to prove a point. However, I assure you this isn't hyperbole. As I'm about to explain, using the OneDay platform for Resident Stories and activities can be a sure-fire way not just to meet your occupancy goals, but leave them miles behind you.


Resident Stories Foster Happy Families

Good things happen to your occupancy rates when you foster happy families. While that might seem like something to file in the easier said than done folder, it's really not as challenging as you think.

Simply making sure families are up-to-date on their loved ones goes a long way in keeping them happy. And what happens when you maintain those critical happy families? You guessed it – they recommend your community to others.

Through OneDay's video sales and marketing solution, Resident Stories are the ideal way to keep families in the loop and connected. Imagine what it's like to be a resident's loved ones and receive a OneDay video of them smiling, laughing, and enjoying their life. Or maybe using video storytelling to provide residents with an avenue to describe an especially poignant memory.

These are the types of experiences that reinforce – even expand – those powerful connections between a resident and their loved ones. And from a sales and marketing perspective, capturing and sharing timeless videos of your residents ensures families that you're providing a safe, healthy, and satisfying quality-of-life. Naturally, that's the type of thing that families share with others, driving your occupancy rates forward.


Showcase Your Culture With Activity Videos

Thanks to social media and the digital environment as a whole, your community can be constantly connected with your target audience. That means you don't have to go very far to engage prospective residents and, just as importantly, other decision-makers in the process.

Video content provides an excellent opportunity to leverage social media and place a spotlight on your culture, people, and facilities through activity videos. One of the biggest concerns I hear through OneDay partner communities is that families and residents fear boredom and isolation. But can you think of a better way to counteract those fears than activity videos of everything you do to create an interactive and social environment?

Therefore, when you put such videos together with open and active social media channels, the result is powerful messaging that distinguishes your community from the competition. Remember, nearly half of Americans 65 and older are frequent Facebook users, and LinkedIn users share video posts 20-times more than other posts. Suffice it to say, video and social media can be a powerful one-two punch for your sales and marketing strategy.

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These are the types of insights that we provide every day to our community partners. Along with our industry-best video sales and marketing solution and experienced team of video marketing specialists, OneDay could be the occupancy rate ace-in-the-hole you've been looking for. Even better, we are just a short contact form away.

Ready to see how video can work for you?