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5 Ways To Use Video in Your Prospecting Efforts

Prospecting propels your business forward. Without it, lead generation suffers, and it suddenly becomes far more challenging to hit your goals. Put another way, prospecting makes your business go ’round.

Fortunately, video marketing provides an excellent opportunity for you to maximize your prospecting efforts. In fact, there are several easy ways for you to integrate video into your prospecting efforts that will help showcase everything that makes your business, staff, and culture unique.


1. Enhance Your Cold Outreach

From a prospect perspective, there’s nothing distinctive about an email from your team sitting in a bloated inbox. Since a prospect is probably looking at several businesses at the same time – including yours – they are likely to receive several emails and calls from different businesses, perhaps even daily.

That’s why it’s so essential for you to stand out from the crowd. This is an area where video truly shines, allowing you to show your face, emote enthusiasm, and let the prospect hear your voice, all through a simple email attachment.

In the long run, using video in your email outreach will help drive far more conversations and, ultimately, conversions than mere text-based emails can. Research confirms this notion, where 72% of consumers prefer video over text for information regarding a product or service.


2. Reconnect With Prospects

Is there anything more frustrating than an extended game of phone tag with a prospect? Or maybe just seeing communication with a prospect fizzle out for no specific reason, despite your sales team’s best efforts?

Like it or not, such things happen to even the most experienced and savvy sales and marketing teams. That doesn’t mean, however, that those personal connections are lost forever. Once again, this is another opportunity to rekindle that communication with a personalized follow-up video.

Using OneDay’s platform as an example, it only takes a few minutes to record, edit, and distribute a personalized video message that could very well jumpstart a conversation that leads to a conversion. Prospects will always appreciate that personal touch and remember your business when it’s time to make a decision.


3. Leverage Recent Business News

That new  Director your business just hired is known in your industry and it a great new asset to your team, right? That could be something that you put front-and-center in your prospecting efforts through a fun and creative video sharing the big news, perhaps even going behind-the-scenes and interviewing that new director.

The same goes for your businesses new programs, initiatives, or offers - these are all sources of pride for your business and distinguish it from the competition. Don’t be afraid to shine a spotlight on this type of business news through creative videos that prospects will undoubtedly enjoy and remember.


4. Spread the Word – Quickly!

Building on the previous tip, let’s say you just officially rolled out a new offer or product. That’s the sort of news you want to quickly share with as many prospects as you can.

That said, it’s not terribly efficient to create dozens of videos for your prospects that all highlight the same thing. However, OneDay makes it easy to group leads and record a single video for multiple recipients, all by simply editing the intro frame to feature a prospect’s name. This way, you’re customizing each video without recording a new one for each contact, saving your team time and effort without sacrificing impact in your prospecting.


5. Highlight a Piece of Marketing Content

Now let’s say you just published an especially relevant blog, webinar, or testimonial that really engages the viewer. This is an instance where video can work wonders in promoting other forms of content, channeling across your overall marketing strategy and sales process, from social media and LinkedIn video ads to SEO and inbound marketing.

For example, you could quickly record a brief video highlighting the reasons why prospects or their loved ones should check out that new blog. If you send that video along with the content piece in an email, you’re not only significantly improving your email open rates but, just as importantly, informing your target audience of some key information.

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As powerful as these video prospecting best practices are, they still only represent the tip of the sales and marketing iceberg. So don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of video sales and marketing experts here at OneDay and see how video content can transform your prospecting efforts.

Ready to see how video can work for you?