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Using Video to Grow Your Real Estate Business

For real estate professionals, the most effective tool available to grow your business is a personalized video. Selling real estate is a “client first” business that requires you to put yourself in the position to not only know what your clients want and need but to deliver. Creating personalized videos will allow you to effectively market your property portfolio, build lasting client relationships and save time by having your videos do the heavy lifting in your sales


Use Video to Market Your Properties

Video allows you to have prospects “tour” your properties from the comfort of their home. By selling with video, you can control the narrative by highlighting unique property features and showcasing the surrounding landscape and views to their best advantage. Is your property located in a community? Use video to showcase everything the community can offer your clients so they can get a feel for where they will live. A video messaging platform will help you to add the right music, theming, and CTA (call to action) to ensure you can create the best video tour possible. Here are a few statistics to show you what a difference video can make when used for marketing your properties: 




Build Lasting Relationships with


As a real estate professional, you know that interactions with clients are most effective when delivered in person, but that isn’t always possible. With personalized videos, you can have that same meaningful connection, but you can make it scalable so that even when you are not working, your videos are. 


  • Increase Appointments and Conversions: By selling with video on a video creation platform, you can create personalized videos for specific prospecting groups. Creating videos for cold outreach, received lead responses, lead follow-up, and appointment follow-up are just some ways to use video to your competitive advantage. 


  • Recruit and Retain Top Talent: Your present and future real estate teammates are just like your customers - they choose you based on the personality, expertise, and guidance that you provide. Spend time being present, with less effort, by using video messages to communicate with your team efficiently. 


  • Increase Lead Conversion: Send a personal video message to schedule a meeting with your potential clients to discuss their needs. This direct connection with your clients will help them to work with you to avoid moments of doubt, confusion, and frustration that can prevent the final sale. Knowing you are there to guide them will lead to deals going through and future referrals. 



Use Video Messaging Software to

Sell For You

Time is money, and as a Real Estate Professional, you need to leverage your time to create maximum income. Once you create your videos, you need to put them to work without spending hours of your day. With a video messaging platform, you can not only make your videos, but you should be able to store them, send them anywhere, track their performance, and receive real-time notifications. Let’s get into more detail about what features you can expect with your video messaging software: 


  • Video Creation: When you choose a video messaging platform to sell with video, you should be able to film and edit easily. The software should have a vast music selection, theming ability, unlimited filming takes, and easy editing so you can make the exact video you had in mind. 


  • Video Storage: If you create a personalized marketing video highlighting yourself, you should be able to save and reuse that video whenever the occasion calls for it. Unlimited storage and the ability to reuse video are necessary when selling with video. 


  • Track Your Video’s Performance- Having a comprehensive analytic dashboard to see who viewed your video and how long they watched it is vital information your video messaging software should provide. The more information you have about how your video is performing will help to inform future videos you create. 


  • Receive Real-time Notifications- If a prospect reaches out about a property from your video, you need to know immediately. Selling with video is only as effective as your ability to act on your leads, so this is a crucial feature. 


Watch Webinar: Finding the Balance: Video Quality vs. Video Message

Start Your First Video to See the


Just get started to see how selling with video will vastly impact your business. Filming your first video can be intimidating, but once you see how easy the process is, you will start to use video in all aspects of your business. If you want to see examples of personalized videos for your business, schedule a demo, and we would be happy to help!

Ready to see how video can work for you?