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7 Best Practices for Connecting with Prospects Through Video

Sales and marketing teams aren’t lacking for ways to engage their target audience. However, between the many choices available, one format is better than the rest at conveying emotion and forming powerful bonds with customers – video.

But even a potent tool like video is only as effective as how well you integrate it into your sales and marketing campaigns. So on that note, I wanted to provide your senior community with a few simple best practices that will help your team drive leads, increase engagement with prospects and family members, and hit your lead generation and occupancy goals.


1. Make Your Videos Personal

A canned message sticks out like a sore thumb. Although you might think that using the same content over and over makes your messaging more efficient, the truth is it does far more harm than good.

Your audience sees through content that is inauthentic and ingenuine. Put another way, prospects and adult children will always be able to differentiate between a video that’s produced for the masses and one that you’ve customized specifically for them.

When it comes to video sales and marketing, you’ll always reap the biggest rewards when you take the time to personalize your videos. Fortunately, OneDay makes personalization fast and simple to give you the best of both worlds – efficiency and impact.


2. Be Relevant to the Audience

To personalize a video for prospective new residents, you first have to understand their interests and passions in life. Sure, you’re probably proud of that new cappuccino bar you just built in your community’s lobby, and I don’t blame you. However, it won’t help much to engage a prospect that isn’t a coffee drinker.

But if an assisted living community includes a snippet of its Tuesday night line dancing in a video, it will go a long way in connecting with a prospect that loves the dance floor and country music. The same goes for book clubs, yoga classes, a putting green, or whatever else might connect with the audience.

In short, always be relevant to the viewer with your OneDay videos. Not only will it help form connections but also convey that you truly care about creating a fulfilling quality of life for all of your residents.


3. Create a Narrative and Tell a Story

The most impactful videos always tell a story. Human beings, both young and old, naturally gravitate toward a good narrative, especially when it resonates personally.

I’m not saying, of course, that your videos should feel like a Hollywood tentpole with CGI and tropes pluck hit the heart strings. In fact, you don’t have to get fancy at all. If you engage your team members and residents in your videos, a narrative around your culture will always come through.

Think of a OneDay video as a window into what it’s like in your community, giving the viewer an authentic and realistic impression of what they can expect. I guarantee your community already provides the environment, cast of characters, and themes that will make your videos hit home.


4. Don’t Worry About Being Perfect

I have good news for anyone worried about producing “polished” videos for potential residents and families – it’s okay to be human. As a matter of fact, stumbling over a word or two is endearing to a viewer, putting your humanity on full display. Leave perfection to your website and the rest of your online marketing efforts.

Just remember, there’s a big difference between a lack of preparation and being genuine, mistakes and all. Ultimately, your videos should be professional but loose, as seamless as possible without feeling exhaustively rehearsed.


5. Optimize Audio and Video Quality

Extending the previous best practice a bit, you can always be genuine and embrace imperfections without seeming like a public access show from the 1980s. Optimizing the audio and video quality of your content is an easy way to maximize engagement and eliminate distractions.

Therefore, Investing in a tripod, selfie stick, and a small microphone won’t cost much but will help ensure your message comes through crystal clear. Likewise, if you’re interviewing an employee or resident for a testimonial, always frame your subject properly and record in a quiet place.


6. Use Video in Innovative Ways

There are no absolutes when it comes to integrating videos into your senior living marketing strategy. More importantly, old fashioned rules don’t necessarily apply anymore, so feel free to be a trendsetter with your videos.

For example, if you’re hosting an upcoming virtual open house or drive-by event, try sending out personalized videos to prospects rather than traditional invitations by email or snail mail.

Similarly, accompanying a paper brochure or floor plan with a video walk-through is a great way to stand out from the competition and really make the prospect feel like you’ll always go the extra mile for them.


7. Always Have Fun

Last but not least, never forget that making and sending OneDay videos should always be fun for you, your team, and your current residents. As I said before, you’re not always going to get the perfect shot, and that’s actually a good thing.

In the end, what’s most important is that your enthusiasm shines through, putting your love and passion for your work centerstage. Always be creative with your video marketing ideas, even silly if that’s what it takes to convey your personality. Whenever and wherever appropriate, try to make smiles, laughter, excitement, and genuine fun the stars of your videos.

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Have further questions about integrating OneDay videos into your sales and marketing plan? Or maybe you’re looking for even more tips on creating and sending OneDay videos to your prospects and their loved ones? That’s what we’re here for, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re ready to see what OneDay’s industry-best video solution can do for your senior living community.



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