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Authenticity Through Video: Building Relationships in Your Sales Process

Prospects and their families can spot canned, boilerplate messaging from a mile away. They want authenticity from your senior living community, to feel special and unique, like they're not just another number on a spreadsheet. And while adopting a personalized approach across your marketing efforts is one of the best ways to create that critical authenticity, it can lead to an even bigger problem:

How can your sales and marketing team personalize your messaging and convey authenticity without throwing a massive wrench into your workflow?

That's the topic of our latest webinar, Authenticity Through Video: Building Relationships in Your Sales Process, and it's filled with insights and best practices on using video to gain a competitive edge by establishing trust and differentiating your community from the pack.


Video Marketing Expertise From OneDay and Bild & Co.

Joined by specialists from Bild & Co., an industry-leading advisory partner for senior housing sales and marketing, our webinar is a roundtable conversation addressing the most pressing issues facing senior living marketing teams today.

As you'll see, we answer questions on building relationships across different stages of the sales process – post-inquiry, pre-tour, and post-tour – providing real-world tips on using video to connect, engage, and convert prospective residents. For example:

  • How can video help prepare a prospect for a tour? And what are the other areas a community can leverage video in a sales and marketing strategy besides virtual tours? 
  • What can you do to feel more comfortable – and thus, authentic – on camera?
  • How can team members come across as authentic and fresh when pitching prospects?
  • What is a “personalized” follow-up and how can you integrate them into your sales and marketing efforts?
  • What are the most important items to address when responding to an initial inquiry?
  • How can video help differentiate you from the competition? What are the best ways to showcase everything that makes your community unique, even if you’re still in the pre-opening stage?
  • How can you gauge your relationship with prospects and their families? What can you do if they seem ambivalent and disengaged?


Practical, Everyday Guidance

Like all of OneDay’s insights, Authenticity Through Video: Building Relationships in Your Sales Process focuses on practical advice. Our goal with this webinar is to provide you and your sales and marketing team with things you can do today to start driving move-ins.

As an example, perhaps you have a foodie as a prospective resident, someone that places a great deal of value on organic ingredients. Sure, you can send them an email talking about your community’s commitment to healthy, delicious meals. But what about sending them a one-minute video showcasing your community’s vegetable garden? Or a quick interview with your chef?

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Those are the types of best practices that drive real, tangible benefits to your occupancy rates. Even better, that’s just a single example of the many ways our webinar discusses using video to convey authenticity and build trust with your audience. So spend a few minutes watching Authenticity Through Video: Building Relationships in Your Sales Process and see just how powerful video can be in propelling your senior living community forward.

Ready to see how video can work for you?