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Kicking Off 2022: Trends, Predictions and Tips for Senior Living

Given all of the challenges the senior living industry has faced in the last few years, some stability would be a welcome change. Or even better, a peek into the future to see what lies just down the road for communities and operators.

While we might not have a crystal ball here at OneDay, we do have significant insight into what senior living communities have been through, where they sit today, and what they’re likely to experience in the coming months and years. And we’ve used all of those insights to inform our latest e-book, Kicking Off 2022: Trends, Predictions and Tips for Senior Living, where we take a forward-looking view of essential topics, including:

  • Employee retention
  • The sales cycle
  • Community incentives
  • Technology
  • Sales and storytelling


The State of the Industry

As senior living looks the future in the eye and strategizes for the future, it’s not just a matter of regrouping and learning from the pandemic. Far from it. As every operator knows, everything from staffing and finance issues to technology adoption and disrupted sales cycles are also top-of-mind.

While the pandemic might have accelerated some of these, they’re all challenges the industry would’ve inevitably faced at some point. So what is a community to do when 96% of assisted living facilities face severe staffing shortages? Or knows that it must start implementing more tools in its tech stack but doesn’t know where to start?

These are the types of issues we directly address in our e-book. For example, we discuss several simple ways management can improve the employee experience and, thus, drive retention rates and recruiting efforts. And that’s just one of many instances where OneDay identifies a current trend – both good and bad – and provides straightforward, effective action steps.


A Comprehensive Perspective

But Kicking Off 2022: Trends, Predictions and Tips for Senior Living isn’t just a set of best practices concerning sales and marketing, recruiting, and other immediate needs in the industry. Yes, we cover each of those in depth, but you’ll also walk away with insights on streamlining processes in accounting, delivering recognition to employees, and even what the future might hold for meal delivery in your community.

In other words, our e-book looks at the industry from a comprehensive perspective, covering many facets of operations that, like the industry itself, are at a crossroads right now. So what does all of this mean for senior living in 2022? Or beyond? Well, download our e-book to find out.


The Power of Storytelling

Finally, you’ll discover what makes storytelling – particularly video storytelling – such a potent tool in the fight for market share and NOI in 2022. Suffice it to say, the ability to leverage effective storytelling is already separating successful communities from those treading water, a notion that will only continue to intensify with time.

Watch Webinar: Kicking off 2022 Senior Living

So download Kicking Off 2022: Trends, Predictions and Tips for Senior Living today because it’s sure to be a dynamic year. As always, OneDay wants your community prepared to tackle anything that comes your way.

Ready to see how video can work for you?