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OneDay Releases New Digital Library and Automation Features

At OneDay, we take immense pride in our position at the forefront of personalized video technology. Our relentless commitment to pushing boundaries and introducing cutting-edge features has empowered our users to achieve new heights. Today, we are thrilled to announce two remarkable additions that underscore our unwavering dedication to innovation: Automation and Digital Library. These groundbreaking features solidify our commitment to providing our partners with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve in their competitive industries.


OneDay Video Messaging


OneDay Video Messaging Automation represents a paradigm shift in personalized video delivery. By leveraging CRM statuses, this innovative feature automates the delivery of videos to prospects with precision and targeting. Aligned with specific stages in the sales process, videos are sent at the perfect moment when prospects are most engaged, leaving no room for missed opportunities. This automation ensures consistency in video messaging, empowering sales teams to develop standardized video content that represents their brand and offerings. Furthermore, the feature provides valuable data-driven insights, allowing sales teams to optimize their strategies and enhance the overall effectiveness of their communication.

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OneDay Digital Library

Introducing the OneDay Digital Library, a game-changing tool revolutionizing how videos are created and shared. Designed with robust features and a user-friendly interface, the Digital Library streamlines the entire video production process while fostering seamless collaboration. By saving clips to the library, users effortlessly create a centralized repository of reusable content, eliminating the need for repetitive recording and freeing up valuable time.

What sets the Digital Library apart is its cross-platform accessibility, seamlessly integrating with the OneDay Mobile and Web platforms. This enables users to manage and utilize their saved clips from anywhere, ensuring easy access and synchronization across all devices. Whether you're creating videos on the go or from the comfort of your desktop, the Digital Library empowers content creation teams to streamline workflows, save time and effort, and maintain consistency in their videos.

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The launch of Automation and Digital Library coincides with the introduction of OneDay's Enterprise tier which includes these two new features as exclusive offerings. Unlock the full potential of our new features by scheduling a personalized demo with the OneDay team today and see how our platform can help revolutionize your business. During the demo, we'll showcase the power of our personalized video platform, and explore various options tailored to meet your unique business needs. Don't miss this opportunity to see how OneDay can elevate your video marketing strategies.

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