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Personalizing Prospect Follow-Up

Consumers want a personal touch, no matter the industry. But that notion is especially true for senior living, where prospective residents, along with their loved ones, are trying to answer an extremely important question:

Which senior community is the ideal fit for the next stage of my life?

Naturally, that question underscores just how essential a personalized approach to your marketing and communication is to driving move-ins for your community. That’s why our latest webinar and on-demand demo, Personalizing Prospect Follow-Up, is so relevant and enlightening for assisted living facilities – it’s a front-row seat for insights and tips on creating that personal touch from OneDay’s team of industry experts.


Moving the Needle With Your Follow-Ups

Traditionally, the industry has relied on phone calls and text-driven emails as the primary ways of following up with a prospect. But as we discuss in our demo, conveying a level of personalization that truly moves the needle for your occupancy rates through those drab and ordinary methods is next to impossible. At least in a way that differentiates you from the competition.

Instead, we walk you through the many ways a simple but engaging OneDay video can help you stand out from the crowd and form genuine connections with your audience, including:

  • How to personalize your emails with OneDay
  • Building connections and rapport quickly
  • Being authentic in your follow-ups
  • How to follow-though, not just follow-up


Video is a Difference Maker

In the demo, we also take a closer look at an especially revealing success story of a OneDay partner and its integration of video into its messaging. But as a sneak peek, how do the following results sound?

  • An additional 76 tours
  • 14% increase in move-ins
  • 15% rise in advances

Mind you, those statistics are just over a 90-day period. But they’re indicative of the sort of results that OneDay can bring to your marketing ROI. And at a more granular level, that partner realized a 95% response rate during that same 90-day period, simply by integrating a OneDay video into their email campaigns.


The Bottom Line: OneDay Videos Form Lasting Connections

As we discuss in our webinar and demonstration, video shines throughout your messaging because it naturally lends itself to storytelling. To emotion and human connections. Those are traits that a phone call can never replicate, no matter how endearing even your most talented sales people might be on the phone.

And given the ever-increasing competition in the senior living industry, it’s critical for your occupancy rates that your voice stands out from the rest. But that’s precisely what we discuss in our demo, Personalizing Prospect Follow-Up – how OneDay helps you form genuine, real connections that speed up your sales process and drive move-ins.

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OneDay prides itself in providing assisted living marketing teams with the tools and insights they need to excel. With our latest demo leading the way, you’ll see how simple but powerful the right tools and insights can be. There’s a better way to communicate with your audience. Watch our demo and we’ll show you how.


Ready to see how video can work for you?