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Showcasing Your Community with Resident Testimonials

The power of social influence drives consumer behavior in everything from choosing the right senior living community to a new pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Put another way, what people say about your community matters. In fact, nearly 80% of people now place as much trust in online testimonials and reviews as they do in personal recommendations.

But that creates a double-edged sword for sales and marketing teams in senior living:

How do you channel the sheer force of positive testimonials on occupancy while maintaining authenticity and fostering trust from prospects?

That’s the topic of the latest free webinar in OneDay’s Open Demo series, Showcasing Your Community with Resident Testimonials. In it, our team details the different ways OneDay videos can help you fully leverage testimonials in your messaging to drive leads and move-ins, covering subjects like:

  • Using video to feature everything that makes your resident experience better
  • Creating authentic testimonials to attract prospects
  • Empowering your sales & marketing teams with useful, relevant content
  • Letting your residents and community culture drive your marketing


Hands-On Insights Into OneDay’s Industry-Best Video

If you’re at all familiar with the previous webinars in OneDay’s Open Demo series, Personalizing Prospect Follow-Up and The Virtual Tour Creation Process, then you already know what to expect from this latest offering.

As always, we take a step-by-step, hands-on approach to walk you through the OneDay video creation process, even using a sample testimonial video from a partner community as a starting point for the conversation. Along the way, we also provide critical best practices in choosing a resident, finding the ideal setting to film, what to do with the video once you’re done, and several other useful tips to make your testimonials memorable. 


Tell Your Community’s Story

Ultimately, our goal with this latest webinar and demo is to empower your sales and marketing team to fully utilize your greatest video marketing asset – your residents!

As we discuss in Showcasing Your Community with Resident Testimonials, residents convey the trust and authenticity that prospects and their adult children need to feel comfortable with their decision. Remember, this is a life-changing event on the horizon for them, so it’s essential that your messaging is empathetic, honest, and speaks to a prospect’s biggest concerns.

By letting your residents tell your community’s story through OneDay video testimonials, you’re giving prospects a genuine look into life in your community, what they can expect, and how you provide them with such a satisfying, safe, and fulfilling quality of life.

Just as importantly, we also show you how simple, convenient, efficient, and affordable making OneDay videos is for your team. In other words, you’ll walk away from our latest webinar with a better understanding of what makes the combination of video testimonials and the OneDay app such a potent occupancy driver for your community.

Read More: OneDay Helps Guide Senior Living Into a Video-Propelled Future

So watch Showcasing Your Community with Resident Testimonials today and see how easy the OneDay app makes driving leads, move-ins, and ROI for your community. We promise you won’t be sorry.


Ready to see how video can work for you?