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Automation & Analytics - Making the Perfect Playcalls

Prospects and their families don’t want to feel like they’re communicating with robots. However, as many senior living communities are just now fully embracing everything that a digital marketing strategy can provide, they’re finding that simply using digital tools isn’t the sole answer. The trick is to use the right ones.

That’s the first topic in a three-part, on-demand webinar series OneDay is conducting with Enquire Solutions – showing assisted living marketing teams how to leverage the right digital tools to personalize your messaging and stand out, all while realizing the benefits of automation. 

If you’re thinking that topic sounds like a tall order, you’re right. But with the insights and best practices we reveal throughout our joint webinar, Automation & Analytics - Making the Perfect Playcalls, you’ll see that efficient but engaging communication is very much within your reach. As you’ll see, we cover a variety of different subjects, use cases, and tips in the webinar, including:

  • The power of 24/7 automation
  • Collecting information and auto-logging
  • Making educated play calls based on data
  • Personalizing the prospect experience
  • Setting clear expectations for success


Far More Than High-Level Insights

Our webinar isn’t the typical rubber stamp on marketing automation technology you’ll see elsewhere. Far from it. Instead, our goal is to take a more granular look – albeit in plain, easy-to-understand language – at the critical convergence of personalization, automation, and real-time data.

In other words, of course, greater efficiency and a personal touch will better engage your audience and drive more move-ins, but what does that mean for your marketing team? How do you capitalize on the right tools and insights like OneDay and Enquire to transform your prospect communication into an occupancy rate powerhouse?

In Automation & Analytics - Making the Perfect Playcalls, we cover those critical areas as well, discussing the finer points like:

  • 50% of leads go to the community that responds first – how can you make sure that’s always you?
  • Creating unique, engaging automated messages that still connect at a human level, unlike many of your competitors
  • The importance of auto-logging, team notifications, tracking video messages, and using performance metrics as an essential roadmap
  • Personalizing your bread-and-butter tools like email without sacrificing efficiency


Let Data Lead the Way

As discussed in our webinar, combining two industry-best solutions like OneDay and Enquire can put your senior living community at a distinct advantage over your competition. While the intuitive, point-click-send simplicity of OneDay allows your staff to use professional quality videos in a snap, Enquire’s data-driven CRM helps you track progress, streamline workflows, and optimize your video marketing strategy.

Download: Visionary Video ROI - A Case Study with Allegro Senior Living

And that’s the greatest benefit you’ll walk away with after watching our webinar. Aside from insights and tips on automating prospect engagement through the best channels possible, you’ll see how data can transform your workflows and lend precision to your digital marketing strategy. There’s no time like the present to set your community up with leads that can start driving the occupancy rates you’ve always dreamed of, so let our webinar lead the way.

Ready to see how video can work for you?