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Driving Occupancy Through Automation & Authenticity

Senior living communities are at a crossroads between old ways and new ones. Of course, the traditional sales and marketing strategies are still available, but they don’t engage an audience with expectations that seem to change by the day. Alternatively, there’s the technology-propelled path, one that uses real-time data and innovative tools to message the audience with absolute precision, all through streamlined and efficient workflows.

Sounds like a pretty obvious choice, right? Well, it is. Or at least it should be. But as appealing as a tech and data-driven strategy is for any forward-looking community, the newness of such an approach can be intimidating at first glance.

That’s a topic OneDay and Enquire recently discussed in the first and second parts of our joint on-demand webinar series, Speed to Lead – using the right tools and processes to flex to a prospect’s needs, no matter the circumstances and challenges. Now, with this third and final episode, we’ve gathered sales and marketing professionals from the cutting-edge of the industry for some real-world, boots-on-the-ground best practices and use cases, covering topics like:

  • How your industry peers are maximizing efficiency through automation and integrations between solutions
  • Developing personalized strategies to quickly convert your prospects into happy residents
  • How two industry-leading solutions like OneDay and Enquire can put your community at a distinct advantage over your competition


Insights From Industry Innovators

For this final segment of our webinar series, we’ve recruited Amy Vittitow, CMO of Civitas Senior Living, and Dan Swiatkiewicz, Regional Director of Operations and Sales with Christian  Living Communities. Together, they provide insights on using industry-best tools like Enquire CRM and OneDay videos to transform your team into a lead generation and conversion machine through automation and analytics.


Not Your Ordinary “Best Practices”

Unlike the pre-packaged “guidance” you’ll find elsewhere, our Driving Occupancy Through Automation & Authenticity webinar is a front row seat to a genuine conversation between industry experts. Free flowing, in-depth, and comprehensive, you’ll walk away with a clearer understanding and broader perspective on using automation tools and data to drive your occupancy rates.

For instance, we address many of the critical questions that senior living communities are asking during these challenging times, including:

  • What tools, including but not exclusive to OneDay and Enquire, should you be using to communicate and engage prospects and their families?
  • How can you use OneDay videos for virtual tours and opening lead generation doors that might otherwise remain closed?
  • Why is personalization so important to your community’s prospect messaging?
  • How do the most successful sales and marketing teams use OneDay and Enquire to maximize personalization and drive move-ins? And to address prospect concerns and expectations?
  • Why should you use OneDay videos for internal purposes like employee recognition? And why are they such a difference-maker on team performance?
  • Why is Enquire CRM such a vital component of the sales and marketing equation and how can you use its real-time data to inform your entire sales and marketing video strategy?

And those questions are just a fraction of what you’ll gain from our latest webinar.


The Bottom Line

Throughout the Speed to Lead webinar series, our goal has been to give senior living communities the information and guidance they need to thrive during these challenging times, not just survive. And as you’ll see from this third and final segment, we’ve accomplished that goal – and then some – to give you a competitive advantage that will delight prospects, residents, families, and stakeholders.

Download: Visionary Video ROI - A Case Study with Allegro Senior Living

So take a bit of time out of your busy day and watch our latest webinar, Driving Occupancy Through Automation & Authenticity. The agility, perspective, and guidance you need to differentiate your community from the competition and, most importantly, reach your occupancy rate goals are just a few minutes away.

Ready to see how video can work for you?