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Executing Your Automation & Personalization Gameplan

You’ve done your homework and assembled your playbook. The tools are in place, ready to go, and you’re set to embrace the brave new world of targeted, data-driven, automated marketing. But there’s a catch:

What do you do when things don’t go as planned? When a prospect or their family calls a last-minute audible?

That’s the second topic of OneDay and Enquire Solutions’ joint series of on-demand webinars, Executing Your Automation & Personalization Gameplan. Building on the insights from the first webinar in the series, this collection of insights and best practices shows you how to use tools like OneDay and Enquire CRM to maximize flexibility in your video marketing and sales, covering subjects like:

  • How automation and integrations maximize sales team performance
  • Ensuring you deliver fully personalized prospect experience every time
  • Maneuvering each unique situation and objection with ease
  • Using data and dashboards to measure, track, and improve your approach


The Tour Is Only the First Step

Think of prospect tours as training camp. While you’re setting yourself up for future success, there’s still a long way to go before you cross the goal line and start driving move-ins. That’s why agility and thinking on your feet are so essential – prospects and their loved ones won’t always fit squarely into your use cases, no matter how thorough they might be.

That’s what we focus on in this latest on-demand webinar, revealing how to best leverage the potent combination of OneDay videos and data from Enquire CRM to inform the best path forward.

For instance, a custom discovery process that’s personalized for every prospect is key to successful senior living sales. But how can you streamline that process to optimize both efficiency and effectiveness?

In this webinar, we walk you through the paces, showing how the integration between OneDay and Enquire allows you to create personalized follow-up videos based on each individual prospect. The result is customized communication based on a prospect’s background, passions, and concerns, helping you deepen engagement and connections with your target audience.


Automated Diligence With a Personal Touch

Speaking of follow-ups, it takes an average of 20-25 touches to convert a prospect from a lead to a resident. Throughout those touches, you’re bound to face objections and other obstacles which, without the right insights and tools leading the way, can undermine your ever-critical occupancy rate.

However, as you’ll see in our webinar, your team can automate much of the heavy lifting throughout those numerous prospect touch points. Once again, this is an area where OneDay and Enquire allow you to quickly and emphatically address obstacles without overburdening your marketing and sales people with essential but time-consuming work.


Practical Insights from Industry Leaders

When you follow the best practices we provide in our on-demand webinar, Executing Your Automation & Personalization Gameplan, you can have the best of both worlds – the efficiency of automation and the positive impact of a personalized approach to video marketing.

Download: Visionary Video ROI - A Case Study with Allegro Senior Living

At OneDay, we love providing our partners with the tools they need to create a genuine competitive edge. And when you include the data-driven precision from Enquire’s CRM, senior living communities have everything they need to propel their ROI and occupancy rates to new heights.

Ready to see how video can work for you?