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Using A Video Platform to Increase Sales Performance

Incorporating video into your chosen CRM software can be a highly effective strategy to enhance your overall sales performance. By leveraging personalized sales videos, you gain a valuable tool to shape the narrative for your prospects as you guide them through the sales process. With a video messaging platform, you have the ability to craft compelling stories, boost conversion rates, and analyze your performance with detailed analytics. Let's dive deeper into the specifics to reveal how utilizing sales videos can become your secret weapon.


Use Video To Tell Your Story

When you launch a video campaign, your goal is for the prospect to learn about and be enticed by your product or service. With video, you can showcase the very best features and show the consumer exactly why they need what you are offering. Customers want to feel that personal connection, so sending a quick video follow-up or thank you is also a great way to connect with your customers. Here are a few examples of how using personalized sales videos can showcase whatever you are selling:


  • Choose an Existing Theme or Create Your Own- The right personalized video platform will enable you to choose or create a theme for your video. For example, if you want to create a holiday video that highlights a sale, there should be holiday themes for you to choose from to give your video the unique “holiday look” you are seeking. 


  • Add Nameplate or Custom Prompts: Putting the name of the person, business, or group that you are addressing as a nameplate in your video allows your prospect to know that this video was made just for them. Custom prompts in your video will allow you to control the journey you want to take the consumer on. For example, do you want them to go to your website? A custom prompt and link in the video will help them do that. 


  • Add a Thumbnail to Increase Plays- Creating a custom thumbnail for your video is the crucial first step to telling your story to your prospect. The thumbnail is your first visual impression, so choose a video messaging platform that gives you the freedom and flexibility to create an inviting image that your prospect can’t help but want to click on. 

Increase Conversions with

Personalized Video

A video messaging platform, such as OneDay, allows you to create and share videos in minutes from your phone, tablet, or desktop. Video as a sales tool only works if the videos are easy to create and send, so you don't have to spend your entire day making and sending them. A video messaging platform will enable you to record instant messages on the go so you can communicate with your prospect anytime. The ability to store your sales videos and reuse them when needed is another feature that will increase your efficiency. You can create an entire library that you can select from without needing to constantly record new videos. Here are some additional ways using video can help you to convert: 


  • Send Videos to Your CRM List- A video messaging platform allows you to easily connect to your CRM software to send a personalized message to everyone on your prospect list. You can pick and choose which videos to send to each prospect depending on where they are in their sales journey.
  • Share Videos Anywhere: The ability to share a video through text, email, and social media is a must to ensure you are uninhibited in your ability to share your message.
  • Insert Links in Your Video- If you want your prospect to "buy now," "contact me," or "visit our website," having links directly in your videos is vital to your conversion rate. 



Use a Video Marketing Platform to

Track Analytics

A video messaging platform will let you see when someone opens, plays, and comments on your videos. You can use the provided analytics dashboard to make informed decisions about length, format, or distribution methods for future videos. Your platform should allow you to:


  • Receive Instant Notifications: If a prospect comments on your video, clicks an embedded link, or even if your video has been opened, you should receive a real-time notification to follow up with your prospect. 
  • Track Your Videos Performance: Your provided dashboard should provide detailed analytics on open rate, view time, if your video is shared, and any engagement on the video. All these metrics will give you valuable information to create effective and converting videos. 
  • Track How Your Organization Uses the Video Platform- If your entire sales team uses your platform, you can see everyone's videos and how they perform. This data can provide valuable information because if someone on your team has a video performing very well, you can create your version or share that video directly. 


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Launching a video campaign or using personalized video messages will ensure that you can show your products or services to their best advantage. If you are still trying to figure out how to start creating videos or how video messaging platforms can help you, you can schedule a demo to see personalized sales videos in action!

Ready to see how video can work for you?