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How to Write the Perfect Sales Email

Imagine this scenario: you've spent hours crafting the perfect sales pitch, hit send on your email, and eagerly await a response from your prospect. But instead, your email gets buried in their overflowing inbox, never to be seen again. It's a frustrating reality for any sales professional, but there's a way to break through the noise and make your pitch heard. By incorporating video sales strategy into your emails, you capture your prospect's attention and engage them on a deeper level, leading to higher conversion rates and, ultimately, more sales. Recent studies show that video content can significantly increase open rates, improve click-through rates, and reduce opt-outs, making it a crucial component of any successful sales strategy. Here's how you can leverage the power of video to craft the perfect sales email.


Hook Your Customer with a

Compelling Subject Line

As a sales professional, you know the importance of capturing your prospect's attention from the first interaction. It's like a first impression; you want to make it count. That's where your subject line comes in. Imagine your prospect scrolling through their inbox, sifting through countless emails. How can you make sure yours stands out? The solution is simple, within your compelling subject line, include the word "video." Why? According to studies, just including the word "video" can boost open rates by 6%. But to make an impact, you need to personalize it, crafting a subject line that speaks directly to your prospect's unique pain points and needs. Something like "Break Through Your Sales Slump with Personalized Video" will grab their attention and make them want to learn more.


Highlight the Benefits of Your

Product or Service

Now that you've finally caught your prospect's attention with a compelling subject line, it's time to make your pitch. But don't just list off features and specs. Instead, put yourself in their shoes and consider how your product or service can benefit them. It may solve a pain point they've been struggling with or help them achieve a goal they've been striving toward. Studies support the power of video over text regarding what will actually stick with consumers. In fact, a B2B DecisionLabs survey found that people remember details from video emails 13 percent more compared to text emails. By incorporating a sales video into your pitch, you can think like a consumer, create a video showcasing exactly what you want to see, and have a message that makes a lasting impression.


Include Social Proof

Imagine you're a salesperson trying to sell a new software tool to a prospect. You're having trouble getting the prospect to see the value in your product, despite your best efforts to explain it. What can you do? Enter social proof. By including video testimonials from other satisfied customers who have successfully used the software, you can show the prospect that others have found value in your product, which can be a powerful persuader. Additionally, case studies that showcase real-world examples of how the software has helped businesses achieve their goals can further establish your product's credibility and value. Studies have shown that video email outperforms text-based email, making it an effective way to showcase social proof and close the deal.

Add a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA) and

Follow Up

A critical element of any sales email is a clear call-to-action (CTA). Clearly state what you want your prospect to do next, whether scheduling a demo, signing up for a free trial, or taking another action. Make it easy for them to say "yes." For added impact, consider sending a personalized video call-out that reinforces your CTA and establishes a personal connection with your prospect. Finally, remember to follow up. Campaign Monitor reports that email video content can improve click-through rates by up to 300%. Take advantage of the opportunity to close the deal with a well-timed follow-up email.


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Ready to Create Sales Emails That


This blog has given you the tools to create the perfect video sales strategy for email that will resonate and connect with your consumer. Once you have written a personalized and compelling subject line, it is up to your sales video to make the connection and tell your story. A video message is the closest you will get to directly connecting with your customer and showing them the product, service, or brand you are passionate about. So now that you have the tools to write the perfect sales email, it's time to put it into practice and get started!

Ready to see how video can work for you?