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3 Marketing Strategies to Encourage Engagement in Your Community

The digital age has redefined what a sales and marketing strategy could mean for a senior living community. In fact, marketing is no longer about one-sided messaging from your team to prospects. Instead, if you do it right, it's more immersive and conversational for your target audience.

In other words, marketing can really bring out a sense of community between your team, prospects, and current residents. And as I am about to discuss, there are a few simple strategies you can use to maximize engagement from your sales and marketing efforts.


1. Be Consistent With Your Messaging

We already know that social media algorithms love video content. Of course, that makes OneDay videos ideal for your social media marketing. However, if you really want to maximize engagement, it's not just about creating the ideal content – you want to share it in the most effective way, too.

Thus, consistency is a vital component of your marketing, especially for your social media and email messaging. Your audience naturally wants to establish routines, where they can count on a set schedule for your social media posts, newsletter emails, or any other form of ongoing messaging.

For instance, if you’re posting behind-the-scenes OneDay videos to your community’s Instagram feed every Tuesday and Thursday, try not to veer from that schedule. Consistency breeds comfort, a trait that directly correlates with engagement levels across your audience.


2. Highlight Your Workplace Superstars

Needless to say, when I use the term community, I'm not just referring to prospects, residents, and families. Your team and other coworkers within the organization are also essential members of your community. After all, they're the ones interacting with residents and providing them with the best quality of life possible.

Therefore, when a coworker accomplishes something noteworthy – maybe earning a new certification, mastering new software, or just providing excellent care to residents – don't be shy about sharing that information. That's yet another area where social media can be so beneficial, providing a convenient but powerful way to give shout-outs to team members.

Remember, your people and culture are your community's greatest assets, each instrumental in driving occupancy rates. So it only makes sense to let the world know what makes your coworkers special. This type of recognition increases employee engagement which, in turn, motivates your people to continue improving in their role. 

For example, let's say an employee in memory care just earned a tough new certification. Naturally, this is the type of thing you want to celebrate and announce, both internally and externally. In this case, a quick congratulatory OneDay video by your memory care manager can really do wonders for engagement levels across your social media channels, not to mention internal engagement when you email it to the entire staff.


3. Create Excitement

Suffice it to say, a senior living community isn't the easiest place to roll out a technology. It's not that your residents are averse to it, of course, since a fair amount are already using smartphones, email, and social media on a daily basis. But many times, you must first demonstrate the value of something, especially new technology, before your community embraces it.

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However, to again use OneDay as an example, something as simple as turning on push notifications can really showcase everything OneDay is about. Once people see how easy the platform is to use and what makes it so unique, more will embrace it. And once that occurs, excitement and engagement will inevitably rise. In fact, there’s nothing we like more than to hear how OneDay brings communities closer together and drives engagement for our partners.

Ready to see how video can work for you?