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4 Ways to Use Video for Internal Communications

Internal communication is your organization's blood flow. It keeps the different areas of your operations working together and helps ensure everyone from top management on down works in unison toward the same goals.

Just because effective communication is essential doesn't mean that it's easy to develop and maintain, though. That's especially true for larger or fast-growing senior living communities, where one hand can quickly lose sight of what the other is doing. Thankfully, as I'm about to discuss, video is a convenient, simple tool you can use to make sure internal communication stays open and strong across your community.


1. Shout Outs

Most people appreciate recognition for a job well done or accomplishing something noteworthy. It's part of human nature so, no matter the nature of the industry or organization, employee engagement will always correlate to recognition.

In fact, according to recent research, 63% of people frequently recognized at work say they are very unlikely to look for a new job in the near future. Given the already high turnover rates across the senior living industry, video-based shoutouts are more powerful than mere emails, work easily into your workflow and, most importantly, fuel the recognition that keeps talent satisfied and content.

I'm not saying you should throw a ticker tape parade every time a team member hits their goals. However, when someone earns a well-deserved promotion, completes a new certification, or just goes the extra mile for your residents, even a brief personalized video can be extremely meaningful and impactful.

2. Employee of the Month

To flesh out the previous point a bit more, observing an Employee of the Month through video recognition is a great way to put your high achievers under a much-deserved spotlight, especially for workers on the lower rungs of your organization.

Just imagine being a hard-working caregiver in memory care, a position that might not have a lot of interaction with other areas of your senior living community staff. A quick video message from your Executive Director praising how your diligence and hard work improve the quality of life in memory care would make you feel appreciated and special. This video-based Employee of the Month recognition also provides an excellent example other employees will want to work toward.


3. Company Announcements

Maybe you're building a new residential wing in your community, renovating the fitness center, or starting a new Tuesday night book club for your residents. Whether an announcement is big or small, delivering it in the most engaging way possible is essential in effectively conveying important information.

Rather than sending yet another company-wide email that, to be blunt, many employees just quickly scan at best, try delivering such announcements through video. Using OneDay as an example, it would only take a few minutes to create, edit, and distribute a company announcement video through our platform.

Chances are, it would take far longer to write an email or circulate an internal memo to make the same announcements. Therefore, by using video for company announcements, you're saving time while also conveying your talking points in a much more effective and immersive way.


4. Introduce New Employees

Whether you're the newest member of the management team or a new hire in the kitchen, it's never easy being a new and unfamiliar face on the team. Of course, you'll always want to walk a new employee around your department for in-person introductions with their new teammates. However, depending on the size of your community, it might be unfeasible to introduce a new employee to everyone in the organization.

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As an alternative, introducing new employees through an introductory video is fast, efficient, and, once again, much more impactful than a cut-and-paste email. And here at OneDay, we pride ourselves in providing the tools you need to drive better internal communication across your community and strengthen your company culture.


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