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How to Use Video Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

Video communication is an easy way to ensure a smooth employee experience for your company. From the recruitment phase to wishing them well once they depart, personalized video messages utilizing a video messaging platform will help you at every stage of the employee lifecycle. Using video through every employee stage allows them to see and hear from you, minimizing misunderstandings that can occur through typical text-only communication. Let’s look more in-depth at all of the ways you can use video in your business! 



It all begins with the employee recruitment stage, where you’re looking for and recruiting the best of the best for your company. Video messages can also create a better candidate experience by building trust, instilling emotion, and empathy into an otherwise formal process. To build on these insights, let’s take a look at some specific examples of videos you can create to attract and retain top talent

  • Job Listings- Video is a simple but powerful way to stand out from the other job postings that are competing with you for the best talent. The ability to show candidates a video about an open position allows the candidate to get to know the position, and your company in a way that sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Interview Confirmation- Send a video message introducing yourself to the candidate before their interview to set expectations. Explain what the candidate can expect from the interview process, and provide logistical information such as confirming the date and time, how to find the interview location, who they will be speaking with, and any materials they need to bring.
  • Candidate Follow-Up- Send a follow-up video to the candidate after their interview, letting them know you value and appreciate their time and interest in the role. Take the video one step further by personalizing it, recapping any questions or comments from the interview. End the video with a clear outline of the next steps.
  • Employee Testimonials- Happy employees make excellent advocates for your company and can be a great asset in getting potential candidates interested in joining your team. 




The next stage of the employee life cycle model is the employee onboarding stage. After you have recruited and hired top talent, the onboarding period is critical to quickly and smoothly get your new hires well-adjusted to your work environment, and the performance aspects of the position. Here are a few ways you can use personalized video messages during the onboarding process: 

  • What to Expect- You found a candidate that’s perfect for your open position – congratulations! Make them feel part of the team by sending them a welcome video message introducing their new team members. Be sure to include a personalized video from their boss, as well as first day expectations and logistics so they feel immediately comfortable stepping into their new role
  • Introduce New Employees- Whether you're the newest member of the management team or starting out your career, it's never easy being a new and unfamiliar face. Introducing new employees through an introductory video is fast, efficient, and much more impactful than a cut-and-paste email. 


Using video in the development stage of the employee lifecycle is a key way to encourage professional development with your people. Video is an efficient way to teach and will help drive their skill development while also helping to define their career path within your organization. Some ways you can use videos during development include: 

  • Video Challenges-Hold video challenges and contests with your teams to push them on their goals and encourage friendly competition.
  • Mini Video Lessons for Training- Working remote or long distance can make it harder to learn from your peers or your boss. Share video messages with employees teaching them more about what you do or areas they could gain new skills.
  • Applying for a Promotion-- Let existing employees know when there are job openings available for internal hire. Career advancement is key to  retaining top talent.



Retention & Internal Communication

The fourth stage of the lifecycle model is a critical one – the employee retention stage. Here, you focus on keeping your top people and ensure they’re satisfied and challenged in their positions. Your company culture is key at this stage, are your employees feeling happy and valued?  If not, you will be faced with unhappy and unproductive employees and the cost of excessive turnover. Here are some ways video messages can help ensure a happy working culture for your team: 

  • Company Updates & Announcements- Keeping employees “in the know” is vital in order to keep your team plugged into your culture, and updated with the latest announcements. Rather than sending yet another company-wide email that many employees will quickly scan, try delivering such announcements through video. Whether an announcement is big or small, delivering it in the most engaging way possible is essential in effectively conveying important information
  • Company-Wide Shoutouts - Encourage teams and celebrate their accomplishments. Employees that don't feel recognized when they do great work are almost 2x as likely to go job hunting.
  • Personalized Thank You- Staff recognition is incredibly important. Send a video message to your team members thanking them for everything they do each day, making sure you recognize any of their accomplishments.
  • Milestone Videos- Celebrate employee anniversaries, birthdays and promotions with a personalized video message. These messages that acknowledge and help your individual team members to feel valued is important for employee longevity with your company. 




Whether from retirement, new employment, or personal reasons, there always comes a point where the employment lifecycle reaches its conclusion. It’s absolutely essential that you approach this stage with the same amount of effort and care as the recruitment and onboarding process. Remember, when a team member leaves, it has a domino effect on the rest of the team, not to mention how quickly word gets around – both good and bad – in today’s hyper-connected world. A quick video sent through your video messaging platform letting them know how valued they were, is a great way to end the relationship on the right note. Here is an easy video idea to consider:

  • We Loved Having You- When a valued employee leaves, take the opportunity to create a personalized video that expresses how much you appreciate everything they brought to the team. You can highlight some of their accomplishments, even have their co-workers say kind words about working with them. This type of separation video will make sure they walk out the door with a gigantic smile on their face. 

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Let Video Help Your Employee Lifecycle

While adding video can seem intimidating at first, once you make your first video you will see how easy the process actually is. Having a video messaging platform, in conjunction with your video, will make video delivery fast and easy. Now that you have read all of the ways video messages can help smooth communication during the employee lifecycle, it's time to give it a try!

Ready to see how video can work for you?