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5 OneDay Videos to Make for Human Resources and Communications

When you think of video content for your senior living community’s marketing efforts, the folks in your Human Resources department might not immediately come to mind. But while it’s true that video is the most engaging format you can use to message prospects and their families, it’s also a potent tool in your recruiting and hiring strategy.

To give you a better idea of what OneDay videos can do to supercharge your talent acquisition, I’m going to detail five videos that can differentiate your community in the eyes of a job candidate. And in the win-win category, as part of the OneDay Flywheel to Drive Occupancy, these HR marketing tips will ultimately help drive move-ins as well.


1. Job Descriptions

The typical job posting is about as dry as the Sahara. After all, it’s challenging to stand out from the crowd when you relegate your open position, work environment, and company culture to a few paragraphs of text, no matter how clever or engaging you try to be in your written job ads.

But whoever said that you should be like everyone else? The whole point of the recruitment process is to find top talent that aligns with your vision and goals. And there’s no better way to convey what your community is all about than a recruitment video introducing your hiring team, working environment, and the open position itself.

From a job seeker’s perspective, when you post a video alongside a standard job listing that describes the day-to-day duties and functions of the job and your community in general, you’re assigning a face to the position and opportunity.

By eliminating the anonymity and dryness of the typical posting, you’re differentiating yourself from competitors that are also searching for the best candidates. With recruiters seeing 800% more engagement with job postings featuring video, it’s obvious that video content could be the boost you need to transform your recruiting strategy into a potent asset.


2. Applicant Follow-Ups

Applying the time-tested sales funnel analogy to your hiring process, if job description videos are at the top of the funnel, then the applicant follow-up stage comes next. And just like your marketing funnel, your goal is to progress qualified potential candidates closer to an offer for the open job.

Therefore, sending a personalized video to all applicants you are interested in is a great way to focus your attention specifically on the candidates you want to interview from the applicant pool. Not only will this keep the candidates engaged before the interview process, but will give them a contact point should they have questions as well.

Also, using OneDay’s platform as an example, each video only takes a few minutes to record, personalize, and send, so your time investment is minimal.


3. Interview Follow-Ups

Let’s fast-forward in the hiring process a bit, to the point where you’ve just completed your first round of interviews. Chances are, there are a handful of candidates that really stand out from the pack, placing them at the top of your priority list in filling your open position.

This is another point in the process where a video conveying details on the next round of interviews or steps will engage the candidate much better than an email or call. Just like a prospective resident for your community, these personalized touchpoints each represent an opportunity to show the candidate that you value what they have to offer.

Remember, for an applicant, just the fact that you’re committed enough to create such videos will speak volumes about your community's culture and that you’re willing to go the extra mile. If a candidate must ultimately choose between your community and a competitor, they’ll remember your thoughtfulness and authenticity.


4. You’re Hired!

At this point, you’ve whittled the field down to a single candidate and it’s time to tell them the big news – they’re hired! And there’s no better way to express your excitement and enthusiasm than with a congratulatory video welcoming them to your community.

Likewise, video is an ideal format to introduce your new hire to the other team members they’ll be working with on a daily basis. To close the video, you can give them the next steps in the process, what they will entail, and provide them with someone they can contact if they have any questions.


5. Training and Onboarding

Of course, hiring someone is just a single step in an ongoing process – albeit a critical one. Now you have to onboard and train your newest team member, providing you with yet another chance to integrate video into the mix.

Most people feel somewhat nervous about their first day on a new job – so many new faces, an unfamiliar environment, and new skills to master. However, a video demonstrating a day-in-the-life in your community once their training is complete will help them feel more at ease with what they’re about to start.

In short, using personalized videos throughout the recruiting and hiring process benefits both your community and candidates in the bigger picture. They help distinguish your community from the competition and engage applicants at a much deeper level. And for a job candidate, video conveys a sense of importance, that you value what they bring to the table and want them to feel special and wanted.

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As always, OneDay is proud to provide an industry-best video platform that makes the entire process convenient, cost-efficient, and effective for you. OneDay will help you attract the talent you need to hit your occupancy and ROI goals, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Ready to see how video can work for you?